I am back!

I am back!

Hi all just a quick wave before I dash off to work to say I am back. The flight home was uneventful and we return to normal life and blogging.

I thought you might enjoy some photos taken in the Botanical gardens at Christchurch.

Azalea and Rhododendron lovers would be astounded at the examples they have there. They grow all over the city but the plants in the gardens are well established and spectacular at this time of year.

See you tomorrow with Take a stitch Tuesday!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Christchurch.
    I met Jerry at a session and met Eve when she first arrived in town for her circus couse.She joined us a few times at house sessions .

    Do you know some friends of ours who are invoved in quilting, both here and in Canada?
    They are Brenda Visser here in ChCh and Carol Galloway who was out from Canada with her husband Terry ( a whistle player like myself ) for some months last year.
    Hope you can make it back again and enjoy Show Week sometime.

    Graham McLeod
  2. Sharon we ski in New Zealand when we can and we always visit the botanical gardens, even at the end of winter it is a wonderful place to visit and I really love Christchurch and the whole of the South Island, the scenery has to be seen to be believed, especially covered in snow. I have been once to judge ponies in summer and it was hot!

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