Christchurch quotes

Christchurch quotes

Cokers Backpackers hostel has hallways that twist and turn in what appears to be all directions until you get yourself orientated. I was not worried about this as it always led me to another discovery as their walls are covered with quotes.

I decided to photograph them and have kept copies in my visual journal

Some quotes I felt were better than others but it was a little adventure to take a stroll around the building. When traveling your head is always in a slightly different space so my morning thought for the day took on greater meaning.

They reminded me of the Wisdom of the Ages project and how much I enjoy quotes. Sorting out these photos actually prompted me to fix the Wisdom of the ages blog. So I am happy to say it is back up and working now.

The building had obviously seen better days. It was tatty but interesting place to stay.

Other travelers enjoyed these too and they definitely added a little character to the place.

As we ventured out around Christchurch we often spotted daily thoughts chalked on boards outside shops. I warned you I don’t take normal holiday snaps. Jerry is writing up his impressions of the trip too but I thought some readers might enjoy these additions to my visual journal!


  1. Thanks! I’m a great quote collector, myelf and hadn’t seen these. I like to immortalize some of them on needlepoint canvas. My "Possibilities" name came from Emily Dickinson "dwell in possibility" – a good way for a creative person to live (or anyone else)

  2. What wonderful quotes they are. I love the very first one which caught my eye. I feel very annoyed with myself for still not having finished my stitch every Tuesday, but life has a way of taking over and time gets short, but I’m sure I will be getting back to them before long, even if it’s only a stich every Tuesday a month!

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