Pattern Couching

Pattern Couching

I have just spotted Jowynn’s post over on Parkview 616 and have to share it. Jowynn has been exploring Pattern Couching and done some fantastic work as well as posting page spreads of her visual journal associated with her design process, making it a very interesting post. Do check it out as it is a great example of keeping a visual journal for textile projects. Now I am off to Amazon to search for that particular book …

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  1. This type of pattern couching is a very old technique. It was used extensively in the 12th and 13th centuries in the style of work known as Opus Anglicanum (English work). The English were world famous for the vestments they made which utilized this technique. The book “Samplers and Stitches: A Handbook of the Embroiderer’s Art” by Mrs Archibald Christie has a bit of information about this technique. You can often find Batsford versions of this books from the 1970’s in libraries.

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