Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

OK since it is the start of December it’s that time of year when people are avidly browsing for project ideas that can be given as last minute gifts. I have been too.  Here is a few sites that house free projects. They have caught my eye because they are either better than the normal freebies or unusual in some way.

I really liked this scrooge doll designed by Lisa Juris. It is better than your regular freebie pattern. The pattern pieces are here

Over on the Cotton Spice Karen is running a Last minute gift countdown

Susan runs Craft at Home which houses directions to numerous sewing and craft projects

I think humbug bags look unusual but are really just a twisted square. They could be adapted to crazy quilting or made small enough to contain little gifts and hand on the tree. This tutorial on how to make a party bag is provided by One Hour Crafts for those who work with paper but it can be adapted easily for fabric.

Rather than using gift wrap and drawing on the worlds resources have you ever thought of making gift bags. They are great stash busters and they can be reused


  1. Thank you for the link to the party bags. They will be something I will try. I am planning on stitching gift bags this year. I also want to try my hand at furoshiki, which is a Japaneese method of wrapping and tying cloth to cover and carry items. I no longer remember how I stumbled across this technique, but the ministry of Japan has a page showing several of the folds.

    Karen B

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