Take it Further challenge February

Take it Further challenge February

Since it is the first of the month it is challenge day! So without further fuss here it is. This month the Take it Further challenge concept is a question. What are old enough to remember?

How did I come up with the idea. As regular readers know I am hand stitching a charm quilt and the small fabric scraps have been triggering memories. As I stitch I am constantly aware of how the world has changed in my lifetime and I am not that old! (I turn 52 this month)

It occurred to me that some of these scraps are older than the invention of rotary cutters. As I write I realise that I learnt on to type a typewriter. Now I have WiFi and a laptop. I can remember when a portable transistor radio was a big thing. I was given one with its leather case for my 14th birthday and I took it to the beach every day. Of course I remeber vinyl records too. Now I walk, garden and do the housework plugged into an ipod! We used to write letters home but now it is email.

I can remember when ‘equal pay for equal work’ came in for women. My wage packet increased a third! I can remember the big things like man walking on the moon, John Lennon being shot, the fall of the Berlin wall but what about all the little things that changed our life so much? I can remember bread, vegetables and milk all being delivered to the door. I can remember the bottle man buying our bottles and scrap metal merchants buying metal. Who said recycling is a new idea!

Who else knows how to pack the wood on a wood stove that so that it will burn evenly long enough for a cake a rise? That’s right as a country girl I was taught to cook on a wood stove. Now I have a gas stove and a micro wave oven. In winter the warmest room in the house was the kitchen and we had hot water bottles to take bed now we have electric blankets, which to be honest I never turn on because I don’t like them – much to my husbands dismay.
I remember washing that involved a copper and hand wringers then in my teens I had a really modern invention – a twin tub washer! Automatic washing machines were the height of luxury. I also remember out door toilets and how in winter had to grab an umbrella to dash down the path to visit it.

So this month stop and think what are you old enough to remember. You do not have to declare your age – but simply what you are old enough to remember.

Here is this months palette should you choose to use it

I came up with it by using ColourLovers as I used the image below as an inspiration source. This is where the idea originally came from.

When you have worked the idea swing back to this page and leave a comment with blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done.

If you need to record the web address of this page click on the title and it will take you to this page as a seperate page on the blog and it has its own URL. For the new bloggers this is called a perma link. When blogs are published they produce entries in a few different places. Here while it is current and their own individual page, in the monthly archive which is in the sidebar, and under what category and tag I allocate. It also produces an RSS version for those who use readers. All this is run from a database.

The main thing for readers however is that when this entry is no longer current and slips to the bottom of the page and then eventually off it you can still find it because it has its own web address. Click the title and see what I mean. You will see the page and any comments left. The latest comment is at the bottom.

So when you have done something that relates to the challenge swing back to this page and leave a comment with your blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done.

There is a flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge and Debra Spincic has set up a webring for the challenge and another TIF blog. I am not running this ring or blog so if you have enquiries please contact Debra about it.


  1. I am going to have to finish embellishments for my Feb. challenge in March partly due to my work schedule/deadlines and knowing that I have one week off in March to help me play catch up. I am at a quandry with my Feb. challenge partly due to the large size of my piece. I have decided to do the March challenge in a postcard style and size,utilizing a technique that I want to try out. This will enable me to continue to work on Feb. without taking a break from trying a new challenge. I find the colors invigorating. I can’t wait to play with the March challenge palette.

    Laura Lea
  2. I am finished!!! This is my first piece of all embroidery that I have finished. This is my statement about the piece, I chose the color scheme.

    This represents my broken & mending heart. The rusted side contains my old loves, some that blossomed & then dried up, others that never matured & died a quick death. The blue side represents the coldness of my heart from having been broken before.

    This isn’t a sad piece, more like a healing piece. My name for this is My Very Jane Austen Heart. The only way to find Mr. Darcy is to make him up.

    It can be seen here:


  3. Whoa is me—Febr challenge did not materialize (YET) The “bug” got hold of our household last week and I am afraid Febr. will be running late. However I do still plan to get it done. Just checking in so you will know I am trying.

  4. I’m not going to finish by the 1st either. have to go out of town tomorrow for several days and no sewing machine is going with me. sigh. I hope by next week sometime I will have that typewriter in its place 🙂

  5. Well, I’m not going to finish by tomorrow, but I’ll keep going. The design is there but the details are behind……

    Interesting that I had a fairly clear idea of what to do but struggled with actually doing it

  6. With deepest apologies, I haven’t finished January or February except in my head. I guess I’m not a very good “joiner.” I should probably gracefully exit this series of challenges and make room for someone else to join, as I too have an unexpected design/costume project this weekend. Congratulations to everyone on their fabulous work, and thanks to all those who visit my blog.

  7. Sharon, I’ve posted my latest progress on my blog, with an apology that I may not be able to completely finish by tomorrow night. A costume job deadline has been brought forward unexpectedly and the schedule I had roughed out is now out the window !! I’ll try to do more ASAP, I hate letting things get on top of me too much. Have enjoyed the trip down memory lane though, just as well this post doesn’t have audio or you’d hear me humming that darned “Autumn Leaves” yet again !!

  8. I have posted my finished piece on the group flickr page. I was going to work on a piece that showed my memories of travelling to the beach in a car full of kids, 6 of us in the bakc seat all piled up and a labrador dog as well.

    But with time constraints I ended up working a small piece in the colours. Maybe one day I will work a peice from the image i have in my mind

  9. I finished my challenge a little early as I am leaving to visit my daughter. When I get back I’ll get my new colors for March. This challenge will be getting more difficult now. I am using the stitches that we were studying last year in the same month. Thanks for the inspirations.

  10. http://flickr.com/photos/helenad/sets/72157603859291233/
    Here is a set of photos showing how my idea progressed this month.
    I kept the format the same (8.5″ square ) and used scrap materials again. I used cording again and I explored the colour theme. I used materials and techniques I have not tried at all before- oil paint stick and taking rubbings.
    The final piece is at http://flickr.com/photos/helenad/2287918405
    and on the group site http://flickr.com/photos/helenad/2287918405/in/pool-584069@N24/

  11. Sunday again and have posted an update on my blog with progress on the Feb Challenge

    The work was simple for an experienced sewer, but my stretch goal was to complete a tutorial to help new and inexperienced people wanting to sew and work with fabric. This past week completed the “no sew iron on applique portion of the tutorial. And now looking for appropriate sites to share the tutorial. So if anyone has a chance to visit my blog post, suggestions for where to publish it are very welcome.

    The tutorial draft is set up on flickr in this album http://www.flickr.com/photos/glorioushats/sets/72157603862620875/

    Thanks, am very much enjoying the challenge and seeing what others are doing as well.


  12. Hi Sharon and all, I finished my February piece, Sleep, and have posted it on my blog
    http://crazyhereandnow.blogspot.com/2008/02/february-tif-finished-zzzzzzzzzzz.html and also over on the TIF group blog set up here,
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to share the progress as well as I did last month. Again, thanks to everyone for sharing their challenge pieces. Perusing the photos and sites is becoming a part of this for me as well.

  13. Yes, yes, yes I AM behind. January and February are audit months for me at work. The auditors finished up yesterday so now I can get back to my FUN life and really zero in on TIF. Sharon, the subject this month was wonderfully thought provoking. I think after many days of commuting to work and trying to come up with ideas I’ve decided on one————-I’m old enough to remember when there were no color tvs, only black and white. So this is my theme. Now I need to start working on sketches to translate the idea into thread. I will probably run over into March before it’s finished but I hope to make strides this weekend and have something to post on Flickr.
    Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing.

  14. I haven’t been lazy this week…
    here is another february tif piece: http://tenar72.wordpress.com/2008/02/23/tif-2-another-postcard-from-the-past/
    and here a little tutorial about how I did my first one: http://tenar72.wordpress.com/2008/02/17/mini-tutorial-layering-fabric-with-painted-bondaweb/
    and last, some musings about the february colour palette: http://tenar72.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/tif-2-dissecting-the-colours/
    or you just go on my blog and scroll down…

  15. I’ve finished my Feb. TIF
    Some of my best memories are of the summers spent with my grandparents on their farm in southern Ontario. I love the old buildings with their sun bleached wood and hollyhocks growing wild. As children, we played in the fields and with the animals … days filled with sunshine!

  16. Hi Sharon and all

    As usual, I’m running behind. I’ve decided to change horses in mid-stream. I’ve decided to do small CQ blocks for each month. I hope to have something to report soon.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing all the wonderful creations each day.

    Shari Masson

    Shari Masson
  17. Having a terrible time getting what I want for the I remember— know what I want but can’t seem to make it work out right. Now I need more copy paper as what I want to do has to be photo transfered, so hang in there with me hope to get to the shop to get the photo paper this week. Joan

  18. this month I worked on the color challenge – it surprised me to find that the placemats I made fit so well in my kitchen. An extra treat. To stretch and take it further, my push was to write a tutorial. Comments to help me make the tutorial more helpful, clear, useful to beginning sewers would be wonderful.

    Tutorial is on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/glorioushats/sets/72157603862620875/

    Information is at my blog

  19. Sharon and friends, the quilt guild in my little town did a studio tour yesterday. My studio was one of them. I have not been able to work on the February challenge but now I will get started. I had over 200 people walk through yesterday. It was fun, but …. At least I have been doing some sketching, etc regarding the challenge AND I have a very clean studio :>)
    Continuing the journey – Bonita

  20. No land line for two weeks – not able to access at work – frustration abounds!! However my February peice progresses – I have opted for the colours this month, but the flipside to this challenge has really brought many memories to the surface.

  21. I have started from the top of these comments and have been visiting many of the blogs. I got to one and could not leave a comment (the blog owner asked for comments) because you had to sign in and only those with the same kind of blog (wordpress in this case) could. If you want comments please check and make sure we can leave them. Sharing the journey is half the fun!

  22. I have finished and blogged my blocks for February. I created two as I wasn’t too sure about the first.
    On the memory challenge. My earliest is of sitting in the back of a tray truck and seeing the timber railway crossing sign. When I was about 7 my dad asked the same question. What is your earliest memory? When I told him, he said we’d been on holidays and I was about 2 1/2. I can see the words still but would not have known what they were at that age.


  23. Hey Sharon. You can go ahead and take me off of the list. I can tell already that I’ve got more than a busy year ahead of me, and I’d like to help make room for someone who will be able to stay dedicated to the challenge. I’ll still follow along casually and post what I can on my blog. Thanks for the opportunity though!

  24. I’m having a wonderful time walking down Memory Lane for the Feb. challenge, but I’m having a bit of trouble with the color challenge. I’ve seen 4 different ideas for matching DMC colors, none of which are quite the same. My ancient monitor must be playing tricks on me, as the last one looks more burnt orange than the tan or topaz others have read it as. Is there any way that we could have a standardized DMC matchup so we don’t have to guess? I’ve gone with Pam Kellogg’s, and will continue to do so. Thank you Pam!

  25. Sharon I like this months challenge better than last months only because I can come up with something quicker than I did last month. But I am not going to cheat myself! Before I start this months I have to finish up last months which should be by Tuesday.

  26. Hi Sharon,

    Just to let u know I am still doing this challenge but I am working on a couple of projects I need to finish, so am concentrating on them at the moment.

    I have bloglines set up but have decided not to look until the end of the month, with 444 post since I decided to stop looking on 3rd Feb, I am hopping everyone is putting in TIF in their titles and its no where near 444 posts in actual terms.

    I posted a blog about an article in Modern Painters and the ‘re-emergence’ of craft. If you are interested, I could scan the article for you to read and email it to you.

  27. This is a great topic! I remember … summer without play APPOINTMENTS!! Long summer days, wandering around the neighborhood just killing time until we could go home for supper!

    But what pops into my mind is when the whole school was watching the moon shot and a GIRDLE commercial came on! The science teacher turned bright red and turned off the TV immediately! Those were the days!

    doni in nebraska

  28. Es dificil responder en ingles caundo pensamos en otro idioma.. mas aun tratar de entender lo que quieres decir cuando el idioma nos separa…
    Tengo una pregunta luego de recoradr que hare con ello…
    Por que lamentablemente… Los colores que estas seleccionando no son de mi agrado… y normalmente trabajar con lo que nos desagrada no genera cosas interesantes..
    Aun sigo en los conceptos de la pregunta y no en los colores asi que tratare de recordar y luego vere que se me ocurre conm mis recuerdos…

  29. It’s already so fun reading about what others remember! There are a lot of similarities to what I remember and that has prompted me to try to reach a little further for something to base my challenge piece on. My first thoughts are posted on my blog at sewingmagpie.blogspot.com.

  30. I’m old enough to remember the hub bub of the first color televisions. I remember when there were only 3 TV stations. I remember that TV went off the air at midnight and they played the Star Spangled Banner, then the noise of an air raid test and lastly the black and white ‘static and snow’ that filled the air waves till the following morning. I remember this because I would be babysitting and the TV would be on to keep me company and if I fell asleep I would always awake to these sounds. I also remember when stores were closed on Sundays….oh the list goes on and on. I am not a stitcher but I will stop by to check up on your work and that of all your creative blogging friends.

  31. What a fun challenge. An idea popped right into my head and now to work out how to do it. Will not be able to do much this week as I have a retreat coming up, but plan to do some sketches. We will see what happens.

  32. What an interesting subject Sharon! I have decided not to present any of my actual memories but to try to design something that shows how memories intensify and somehow become more important to one as one gets older and has time to dwell in the past. I have written something about my early memories (I am as old as dirt! – love that expression! and about where I am heading in my blog maggies-textiles.blogspot.com

  33. Hi Sharon, I remember the same things as you, we are the same age!!! Congrats on your coming BD!
    Actually my first outside family memory is the death of John F. Kennedy. I can remember how shocked my mum was when she heard the news on radio.

    I have worked on the January challenge and got it done, I will take a picture tomorrow in the daylight. It was an important work for me, a tribute to my Mum, the very person who taught me to stitch, knit, crochet, weave…

    I like this colour combination a lot. Maybe i do something smaller this time.

    Thank you for the challenge,


  34. This month’s concept has had me thinking all day. I can’t help but remember all of the major political events that I have lived through, especially during the 1960s. Maybe its just part of my midlife crisis. I didn’t want my blog to have anything to do with politics coz I get enough of that at work but I can’t stop thinking about how to put all those thoughts into a quilt block. A literal interpretation is easy but I need to think more on how to take it further!

  35. I Sharon, I tried to post yesterday, but I think it failed. (I would have been poster #38 or 39…)

    I love this topic! I remember listening to ‘Kindergarten of the Air’ and ‘Maggie Muggins’ on the radio…A television that had to warm up, and was all black and white. Dial ‘phones. My mother placing a grocery order on the phone and getting it delivered later that day by a kid on a bicycle. No two-wheelers till you were 10-11 years old, no gears, no helmet required. Playing outside till it got dark, or you were called for supper — whichever came first. The moon walk (I was 16). Woodstock. The Kennedy era…and in Canada, the Trudeau years. Four-wheeled roller skates that had a key and fit onto the bottom of your shoes. Hoola-hoops. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan! My first camera: a Kodak Brownie. My new husband’s baby blue polyester leisure suit for our honey moon — complete with black buttons and epaulettes! Bell-bottomed jeans…

    I hope I can do the challenge this month — just jump in — I’m assuming you don’t have to ‘sign up’ to do every single one…

    This will be fun. I’ll post my project on my blog: http://knitsonthebus.blogspot.com.

  36. Hi Sharon,
    Happy Birthday for this month. The thing I’m old enough to remember that REALLY sticks in my mind is trying to put the stylus needle of the record player on the third song of a vinyl album – the only way to skip or fast forward to your favourite song. One slip and you scratched the record and that was the end of it. I’ve sketched out a rough idea but I won’t blog anything to Wednesday when I’ve had a bit of a chance to play.

  37. Well this looks interesting. I’m older than
    dirt also and can look back to all kinds of
    changes, in fact my husband and I were talking about that just recently, how many, many,
    new things in our lifetime. I believe more
    advances have been made in this century than
    any other before. on the other hand not all of
    them good.However I think I’ll come up with
    something this time not just color.
    I find that rather an unusual palette ,
    challenging anyway.

  38. I just found your blog, would really like to be a part of this, even if just by following along. I plan to do the blocks, hope this okay. I love this idea as just a few nights ago was thinking over this very thing when it came to light that my youngest daughter had no idea what an eight track is and asked if records were what we had in the box in storage. I am certain she would think I am crazy if I told her we use to smash up a tablet and mix it with the margarine to give it a butter color. I am not that old, just had old parents.

  39. hmm these colours are a challenge because they look different on the computer and printer, the first one looks greeny blue on the computer and pale blue when I print it, so what I came up with on dmc was 964 793, 945, 792 and 783. Does it matter if we are a bit out with these? I may have to revue 793.

  40. Here is a photo of my January TIF piece http://flickr.com/photos/helenad/2234878812/. I have also put it up on the group flickr
    I have illustrated the processes I went through to make this piece and also some photos of bits and pieces which I thought I might use.
    http://flickr.com/photos/helenad/sets/72157603779714908/ . I have found it quite a challenge to stop working on the piece knowing when to stop is quite an art. I really enjoyed the discipline of keeping myself on one track and even if time escaped me a little this month. I have already learnt new stuff. ( Using camera, tracking the making processes, understanding colour a bit more) Really enjoyed seeing the range of work going on.

    Both Jan and Feb colour schemes make me think of landscapes ( mauve and green= Scottish moorland ,stone and blue and sand=cornish coast) but perhaps I see landscapes in all sorts of things.

  41. I too am older than dirt – WWII vintage, even. BUT it has now been decided (by me) that I will do the 40 years of “evolutions” of my own needlepoint design, as I have been going back to the beginnings anyway with the added enhancement of the art crazy quilts. I can remember waaaaaay back when it was primitive, in that all we had to stitch with was Persian wool or cotton floss, and did little more than basketweave.

  42. I remember a lot of these things, too. I’m only 40, but I did grow up in Oklahoma, and spent plenty of time with my grandparents on the farm.

    I cried the day John Lennon was shot, and received Double Fantasy that year for Christmas.

    I love the TIF challenge. Do you think I could sign up next time?

  43. Hi Sharon,

    What a great concept for this month! Thanks! I love the color palette too and will be working with both as has been my intention since the beginning.

    I decided to go with the first image that popped into my head this morning as I was reading your post. That can be found in my blog post for today along with the matching DMC Floss colors for the palette.

    Thank you again Sharon for this challenge. I can’t wait until next week when I have time to sew up my block and start stitching on it!


    Pam Kellogg
    Kitty & Me Designs

  44. Hi Sharon, This is very interesting topic!I was only recently thinking how the things we(i.e.my generation)used to do here(in India)would notbe done by the next generation for want of time/inclination.I am going to write about that -hope that is OK.Should I use all the colours or just a few colours?

  45. Excellent challenge!! I’ve been chomping-at-the-bit waiting for today! Now I can begin thinking about the concept you have developed for us. I can’t wait to start blogging on this, creating the bones of my own February TIF.

    Thank you so much for creating this year-long challenge, Sharon. There are so many talented people in this group. I already marvel at the creations made and we’re only one month into the year!

  46. last month I was a lurker now I want to join, I love the idea of remembering and thought immediately of dishes and my granny’s kitchen and her cooking,including the stories of her childhood and the one of my mum and mine and how my kids are now brought up and how things changed but not gold old china, the color palette you chose is really perfect for my february quilt.

  47. Sharon – thanks for introducing me to the Colour Lovers website. I have registered, and can log in and ‘play’, but I can’t seem to find any sort of help page that explains exactly how it works. I have created a palette, but can’t figure out how to import it into my blog, the way you do – any tips???

  48. Hi Sharon and all of the other TIF’ers…
    This is going to be another interesting month! The colors are nothing that I am familiar working with so right there it gets difficult. I am trying to work both the color and theme through out this whole challenge so this is a doozy! Jane
    PS I too have so much enjoyed everyones collaborations for Jan!

  49. Well I’m a bit – quite a bit – older than you are, Sharon! I was a tiny little kid during WWII, so lots to remember. I remember watching the clothes whirling around behind the glass door on the new automatic washing machine – we had no TV back then. Great challenge – it’s not Feb.1 yet here, but I had to check just in case. wooo hoooo!!!

  50. Hi dear Sharon

    Thanks by your informations about the others
    Still I’m finish the piece by january, but soon publish my III part before the end.
    After end this, only send a new coment, in your january post? or here?
    For this new mounth I love the color!! Really I enjoy your idea.
    Thanks you very much Sharon.

  51. Gosh – that’s a good one. Strangely enough I was showing some pictures of Word War II rations to some 9 year olds today and they couldn’t identify the milk bottle, it was so far from their reality. I’m not quite(!) old enough to remember the war but this is certainly going to be interesting.

  52. Hi Sharon – Thanks for your info on the other blogs. I’m sorry but this month I am not going to do the concept challenge – I really don’t want to think of the past as it only brings up memories I don’t want to remember. So this time round again it will be the colour!! You sure do make these challenges tough!! THANKS – I love it!

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