Take it Further Challenge News

Take it Further Challenge News

I have closed off comments on the Take it Further guidelines page as the page was becoming very large and slower and slower to load. Since its role is as a general information page I decided that it was necessary. People were still leaving their progress reports on that page even after I asked them to leave their news on the right post and I provided a link to that post. I realise we have many new bloggers and  some who English is a second language but I have had to do this.

Last month I listed and linked to, both the January challenge post or the February challenge post on the Take it Further information page in both the text of the page and in the comments. Please folks leave your progress report on the monthly post.  It is becoming very confusing having people leave their progress reports on any odd post.  So once again I am asking people to stick to my original request and please leave your updates on the right post. 

I didn’t want to close off the comments on the challenge information page as with this software it means all past comments that were on that page are no longer published. So if you left a progress report there that will effect you. Just leave a comment on the right post.

If you are part of this challenge it is in your interest to leave a comment in the right place as it directs people to your site. I keep track of what it is what in my RSS feed so leaving a comment is not necessarily for me but for the group as it lets everyone else know what is news.

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