FotoFlexer is fun

FotoFlexer is fun

FotoFlexer is an free and easy online digital photo editor which is ideal to use to do the usual tasks such as  crop, rotate, resize, flip and red eye fix.

For textile practitioners however it is an ideal introduction to digital design. You can upload one of your own images and have access to standard image manipulation tools in order to develop a design for textile projects.

Although some have said FotoFlexer is like Photoshop it is far from the depth of the Adobe package but it is good. That said for an average non professional user who wants to have some creative fun with a digital image it is a great free online graphics editor.

Adding text to an image is simple and you can draw on top of an image. Colour and erase are also available.

You can smooth or sharpen an image or apply effects to images such as turning it sepia or inverting the colours in the image. Or you can turn the image into an ink stamp, fresco or film grain using some of the effects. Pinching, twirling , bulging and stretching the image is also possible. It is even possible to layer images forming composite pieces. After all this playing if you do not like it you have an undo button too.

For those who have not explored designing using a graphics editor this little free web based app is an ideal introduction. If you want keep up with any news about it there is the FotoFlexer blog too!


  1. Oh dear — another thing to play with on the internet! It has some fun features. I use Picasa for a lot of basic stuff, and do also have Photoshop, but don’t spend too much time with either. But this has some clever aspects. thanks! Maryjo

  2. Oh, my gosh, how cool is that!! What fun I can have on my laptop since it doesn’t have Photoshop or PaintShopPro installed on it. Thanks so much for making my day! This is awesome…can’t wait to play around with it.


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