Which pin where

Which pin where

For many a pin is a just a pin but the latest issue of Threads points out in A Pin for Every Purpose that this is not the case. The article discusses the variety of pins on the market that are available today, what they are used for, the materials they are made of and the site houses a great gallery of pin cushions. It’s a very interesting article and worth reading over a cuppa.


  1. hi,I had found it difficult to know where the message should go earlier;1)iI didnt know about website column(didnot understand,you seeLOL):2)The earlier one was all cream,no distinction between background and comment area.BTW,I have written on Change as I see it in my environment.You may have some view of it;I would like to know what you think.I find it very easy to write about the topics you suggest for the challenge.I keep keeping the making part for later,though I get ideas for them.

  2. Sharon, thanks for sharing the link to that article. Taunton’s publications always are interesting, and I learned a couple facts that I had not previously known, especially why a tomato. Thanks so much!

    Sarah E.
  3. Sharon, thanks for the article, I love glass heads, especially long ones. I have pins in so many little tins, each is suppose to do a job. For me it helps knowing what tin to give to someone who says, “Gram I need to borrow some pins.” I give them a tin without glass heads! LOL Rene

  4. Hi, the article on pins is very informative.I had lived by the coast until recently and had learned very painfully that safety pins must not be left in the clothes especially in the wash,even by accident.I found that pins used by readymade shirt manufacturers are more rust resistent.Here,in coastal South India even metal clasps(hooks etc.)case rust.especially when using bleach.

  5. Sharon, how do you find such interesting articles for us all the time? There were a few there I hadn’t seen before in the specialty section. I’d love some of those fork pins, they would come in very handy when trying to match stripes and checks. I’m a stickler for that, can’t BEAR them to be out of line. Oh dear, that’s a worry isn’t it, LOL? You’d think I would have more important things to worry about wouldn’t you?

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn’t realize that you were in the BJP too. It’s fun to be online and meet so many talented people.
    I have “pins for every purpose” but then I’ve had a long time to collect them. Sandy

    Sandy Jandik

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