Sewing patterns, tips and advice

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Sewing patterns, tips and advice

BeSewSylish is part of the Taunton website. In other words they are the same people that run Threads magazine but BeSewSylish is the blogging end of the company. The teams writes about sewing, dishing out tips and info along the way. For instance they have produced a two page Glossary of sewing terms which is downloadable in PDF format.  Tips and Tricks for Sewing with Silk written by Ann Steeves is a very useful article not only for those interested in sewing garments but Crazy Quilters too should find it useful too.

This button bracelet attracted my eye as since I am a thrift store addict who can not walk past a jar of buttons I am always looking for interesting ways to use the more plain ones (the fancy ones find a home in Crazy quilting)

There are many other tips, advice and projects I discovered while poking around this blog but I will leave the rest exploration up to you!


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