Take it Further challenge March

Take it Further challenge March

Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life? This months challenge is to do just that, pay attention to the tiny details. Sometimes the small things become emblematic for something larger. That is it! I am going to keep it brief.

The colour scheme is taken from one of my blocks.  On colour lovers you can download swatches to use is Photoshop, illustrator, or in a CSS file. It can only ever be a suggestion as computer screens display colours differently. So the aim of this challenge has always been to simply be as close as possible. Have fun with it!

As usual when you have responded to the challenge swing back to this page and leave a comment with your blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done.

There is a flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge and Debra Spincic has set up a webring for the challenge and another TIF blog.

On an important note Debra has asked me to remind folks that membership to the TIF webring will close on March 15th. I am not running this ring or blog so if you have enquiries please contact Debra about it.


  1. In the spring and summertime I have so plenty of work in the garden that I have to leave my place open. I hope there is room for me in the autumn. Thank you Sharon for arranging this. And thank you all the participants. It has been very inspiring to look at the many, many different approaches. Have a sunny summer & happy stitching to you all!


  2. I decided to do a quilt block which would later become a wall hanging. I loved these colors! I purchased fat quarters as close to the colors as I could, and chose the pattern Celtic Sunrise. I cut strips for the block. Then my iron died. It was just a cheapie from Walmart I got a couple of months ago. I wasn’t about to start sewing without an iron. I ordered a Naomoto iron and a vacuun ironing board. The iron arrived yesterday, as soon as the ironinb board gets here, I’ll be all set again.

  3. I’m seriously behind but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel to get caught up. I’ve been madly sewing/creating dance costumes for my daughter’s competitive dance numbers and now I just have to deal with attending the competitions. I’m back to being creative on my stuff. I’ve posted a bit about the March challenge on my blog.

  4. My March TIF is on my blog and in case you can’t tell it’s an embellished crow. I used mainly recylcled fibers from my stash, punched with the embellisher and some hand beading. I’m going to make more to hang on the tree at Crhistmas.

  5. What fun everyone’s work is! I missed out on February because i was sick as a dog for three weeks. I was better for two days and then our well got contaminated. Hubby is doing the finishing touches on our plumbing/filtration solution as I type. Hooray!!!

    I actually have a tiny something for this month’s entry. It should be up on my blog by Wednesday. In the meantime, you can read all about our poop soup dilemma and check out a tutorial about photographing earrings (and other tiny things) on http://www.lunasbaublebilities.com

  6. I’m not making much headway this month – it’s not ideas I’m lacking, just time. In an attempt to clear some space in my workroom I finished a postcard I’d been making. When I put it up on the blog I realised that it fulfilled this month’s challenge of looking at the detail – but that would be cheating, wouldn’t it???


  7. I have an orchid blooming right now whose blosom is no larger then a quarter. It reminds me that the small things in life are many times more significant than the obvious. I want to try printing on lurtradur for the background and then collage the actual photo. I am really trying to get out of my traditional quilt box and “take it further”. I will post the photo of the orchid on my blog.

    judy <

    Judy Momenzadeh
  8. My piece for March is finished and posted on my blog, I like your challenges as they make me think to things that I often forgot as life is too busy, I’ll continue to make a postcard a month so I can go on with the challenge without accumulating Ufos. Thank you so much!

  9. I have been busy with my March challenge. I have posted a pic on my blog. Jan and Feb challenge pictures have still to be posted on my blog. We have been busy redecorating and I have lost my camera cable – it’s somewhere safe!

  10. I looked at the number on the top of that dark blackish looking colour, and typed it into the box on this site – http://chir.ag/phernalia/name-that-color/ … and it came up and said it is “Cod grey” LOL
    … but there are some very weird colour names on that site! … like why is there a colour called “Underage Pink”? LOL (it is a lot of fun to play with though … hmmm “Mortar” and “Nandor” look nice together. so do “Mortar” and “Mosque” … with “Mountbatten Pink” … LOL)

  11. I have no connection at home at the moment so placing my Feb piece will have to wait until I go to the UK at the Weekend. Terribly frustrating. This is being sent from work, but unfortunately the system here does not allow me to up load on my blog!! That’s Africa for you, atcually that is not true, it is just where we live, the telephone lines were damaged by a storm. I am able to view some of the challenges and my my what beautiful work!

  12. I have several ideas to choose from this month. One is to complete a UFO! My UFO list is emblematic of my preference for piecing. I never get around to the actual quilting. Somehow I think I’ll be in trouble if I do this! Bobbi’s thoughts about Georgia O’Keefe have given me another idea for a block. Thanks Bobbi.

  13. am re-entering the land of cloth and thread after decades of absence while i tended to other things, other people. for 2 months i’ve followed your challenges and the participants’ interpretations with great interest and enjoyment. i understand that your membership list is currently full, and i’d like to add my name to the waiting list should an opening pop open. think this would be just the challenging, creative structure i need. would you please tuck me away, just in case? in the meantime, okay if i participate silently from the wings?

  14. I nominated you as blog “which bring you inspiration and make you appreciate the blogosphere ! ” If you wish to participate please nominate your choice of 10blogs and let them know.

    I’ve learned SEW much from your blog which is always a SUPER read too!!

  15. This month’s piece is again inspired by Georgia O Keeffe…this quote from her is one of my favorites…and although she drew attention to the flower by making it very large, I’ll be using color and detail to mark it.

    “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so, they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it whether they want to or not.”

    Georgia O Keeffe

  16. February TIF challenge is finished and my photo is posted to my flickr account

    My response to February’s challenge was the black and white television. I can remember when my parents bought our 1st tv, I think I was about 4. We were all so excited about it. In fact some place in the family album there’s a picture of me standing in front of it, holding my never out of my arms stuffed “FLUFFY” bunny.
    I tried to make a representation of that television with it’s on/off button, channel button, vertical, horizontal and contrast buttons—at least that’s what I think all those buttons were.
    My tv picture is an abstract work of stitches in shades of black and white with some beads to give it some pizazz just as that 1st tv did to our lives.
    As I worked through the challenge, specifically when I named my piece I couldn’t help but feel that it was a more black and white world then.
    Perhaps the word is “SIMPLER”.
    Thank you Sharon, for the challenge———
    on to MARCH.

  17. Hi,
    this is interesting, I like all the wandering thoughts I get about these themes. This is going to be a year of a deeper understanding of myself! It is also important to me to read and see the ideas of others.

    I like to draw little details when I have difficulties to concentrate. I am going now to follow my pencil!

    Thank you again,

    Helina in Finland

  18. Did you realize that every palette had some shade of beige/ochre/dirty yellow in it? I begin to wonder, is this coincidence or guided by your colour preferences Sharon? (if I may ask)
    I like this one better than the two previous ones although it is not exactly my style either. I’m looking forward to working with it.

  19. Hi

    I was going to say how much I liked this piece when you posted it, but didn’t get round to it – I didn’t realise that I’d get the chance to see it again! However I enjoyed the challenge so much last month that I’m going to give the little things idea a go!

  20. Hi Sharon ,
    I like the thought for this month.The little things that are mostly overlooked.The colour palette is really striking.I have not put any pictures yet(I have to learn to operate the camera& to transfer the pictures to the computer,still)though you give me plenty to think and write about.Thanks for loosening my writing skills which had become pretty rusted since my college/student days,especially in these days of Telephones/cellphones.

  21. Sharon, thankyou. This must be one of my favourite palettes.
    Also I would like to say a special thankyou for taking the time to provide these challenges each month – I am truly grateful.As well as providing the motivation for stitching something different, being able to follow the progress of so many participants has been incredibly enriching for me.

    My Feb challenge is finished but the final photo is not yet blogged.
    However I do have comments on the March challenge on http://maggies-textiles.blogspot.com

  22. Hi Sharon, I’ve printed out the colour palette , but the print out is completely different !! I think I’ll try to match the monitor on a paint sample card if I don’t have the right colour in my thread stash so I can put them on my design board for a while. At first glance they evoke Tudor costumes, not sure why, perhaps it’s that adverts for “The Other Boleyn Girl” have been on the TV lately? Mulling over a few ides between hand sewing servants caps and costumes due on Monday.
    P.S. Haven’t forgotten I still have to complete February, that’s on the list for next week too!


  23. Small things in life, will I have to get out a microscope or magnifying glass. Emblamatic for something large – lets see what do I blow all out of proportion … a grey hair ahhh getting old!!!

    a small item out of place on the shelf and everyone gets yelled at for that when it is really that something more major is out of place in life …

    deep thoughts from a little suggestion.

    Colours are interesting too.

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