I am back!

I am back!

Hi I am waving like a mad woman as I am back bouncing around. One of the reasons I have been a bit busy is Jerry has been producing a CD. This meant a trip to Sydney. It was one of those “it may be busy at work but I am going too!” situations. One of the reasons I went is because the Biennale of Sydney is on. So I had a poke about a bit while Jerry was in the recording studio.

As with all these things I saw some great stuff that will live with me, some stuff I will puzzle over, some stuff that made me bored, other stuff that made me think but generally it was good stuff!!!

I spent along time at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, went to Art Space and took in the sculpture walk. This walk went via the botanic gardens.

Sydney-siders will not find this interesting but I am sure my non-Australian readers will be interested to see the fruit bats or flying foxes that inhabit trees in the Botanic gardens. They do cause some problems although they are protected native animal. Anyway I thought you might like to see a few photos I took. They are really quite cute curled up asleep.


  1. Funny I have a friend visiting from Australia who had never seen North American squirrels. These crazy things hanging from the trees are even more exotic to me!!
    Diana in Philadelphia (a new reader of your blog)

  2. Brings back memories of camping on a Mango Farm in NT and being kept awake by fruit bats squabbling and dropping mangoes on the tent! These look more placid characters but perhaps they’re just conserving their energy for later!

  3. Sharon, we have bats all around us here at Guildford near Parramatta in Sydney. We hear them squabbling at night, and at dusk they swoop low over our yard on their way to their feeding grounds. Today I saw a colony near the Parramatta River where they kept flying from tree to tree to find a sleeping spot. I think they’re so sweet, like little dog’s faces with leathery wings, VBG. Sounds like you enjoyed your little trip to Sydney, unseasonally warm during the days just now but very enjoyable.

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