Wordle is one of those web toys that you can play with for hours. Currently I am fascinated with sayings, expressions and text on samplers so this toy for generating “word clouds” from text had me hooked. I am thinking it would be a very contemporary way to have text on a sampler.

You can paste in a block of text, enter a del.icio.us user name to see their tags or simply paste in a block of text to generate a cloud. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Once you have created some word clouds you can save to a gallery.

Wordle is a Java applet, and since Java applets can not write anything to your computer you will need to take a screen shot if you want to same a picture. If you are on a Mac if you hold down the apple key, the shift key and 3, all at once. A picture will appear on your desk top. Open the picture and you will see it is a screen shot!

Perhaps one of my readers can leave a comment and let PC owners know how to save a screen shot because I don’t know!

You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

As you can see I had a lot of fun. Click on the images to go to larger sized versions of the screenshots.

The first two images are created by using a block of text from an article on samplers I wrote. The image above and below are both generated from the URL of my blog. I found it interesting that a very large word is people. I must use it all the time without realise it but I think it says something about me at another level too.

I have cross stitch software to take this into if I want to but like many of these things if I am given too many options I play all day with the design and don’t get to stitch it!


  1. Sharon, you have made my day by mentioning me in your blog!! Life is rough around here and your mention was a bright light in my day!!

    I washed and hung 17 of my stitcheries on the line last week. Now, it’s what do I do now???? Any and all suggestions are welcome!!

    Blessings, Miss Paula from Gathering of Friends!!!

  2. If you’re using a pc but don’t have any photo editing software, you can also press “prnt scrn” and then paste it into a word (or any other word processing) document, which is what I usually do 🙂 This looks like fun so I;m off there now to have a play!

  3. To do a screenshot on a pc, just press the PRT SCN key on your keyboard, right side above the Insert key on a regular keyboard, and usually in the same vicinity on a laptop..
    Then open your Paint program (programs>accessories>paint) or any other photo editing program that you have installed, but Paint comes standard with Windows.
    Using the Edit menu, just click on Paste, and then File, Save As: and name it.. Voila’ you have a saved screenshot. Hope that’s clearer than mud.

    Deb T.
  4. Too much fun Sharon. I used a PC & saved it as a PDF file. I use cutePDF (a free download). Make your wordle, click on print & select cutePDF as your “printer” this will save your wordle in your documents (or whereever you want to choose). I noticed it is also explained (probably clearer) in the wordle FAQs

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