Fibre and Stitch Issue 5 is out

Sue Bleiweiss in her editors role, points out that with Issue 5 Fibre and Stitch is now a year old. Congratulations are due because unlike many electronically delivered ezines the magazine has not run out of steam and each issue still maintains the high standard it initially commenced with.

The tag line for Fibre and Stitch is “an online mixed media zine”and this is certainly the case as every time I read this mag I get the urge to put down the traditional needle and thread for a few hours and explore how the various mixed media techniques can be combined with fabric.

There are certainly a generous number of techniques to explore in this issue. For instance there are articles on needle felting, painting on fabric, foil techniques, using fusible web and fiber to create textured surfaces. If that is not enough to satisfy, there is information on creating rubber stamps and yet another article on making your own custom moulds.

At 72 pages it is a good few hours of reading and even more in the studio exploring some of these techniques. Apart from heaps of stimulation and inspiration this issue contains details on how to make a book cover, a vessel and wall hangings. I am sure anyone interested in surface design and contemporary textiles will enjoy a subscription to this ezine.

Just a note: Apart from receiving a review copy I am not affiliated with the magazine in anyway and do not gain by this review.





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