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Life is a bit busy here at the moment, and over the weekend I was unable to play catch up, so I need a non blogging week to clear the decks. We are starting to get busy at work as our academic year (in Australia) commences the run up to the end of the year which is our exam period.

If you are going through link withdrawls check out the list below or any of the blogs in my sidebar. There is some good folks there.

OR … if you want to share a link and point people to a site you think is great or your own blog please do so. I am leaving the comments open so you can leave a message – as long s it relates to textiles I will approve it.

See back here next Monday morning … hopefully less stressed about my to do list …

A Late edit – I will aprove textile links that lead to real content not blatant advertising and marketing. In other words sites athat are part of a community rather than just selling to a community


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