A Weekend in Sydney

A Weekend in Sydney

 We spent the weekend in Sydney as Jerry was once again in the recording studio. The good news is they have finished recording! The CD still needs to go to a producer but the bulk of the work has been done.

Pop over to Mindsigh if you want to read more info about the weekend as Jerry has a few travel related posts  there and Four Strings is his music related blog. 

Saturday was the most glorious day. I spent time in the bookshops and the artshops the city has to offer. I also paid a visit to the National Gallery of New South Wales.   I went a little mad with the camera around both  Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo taking photos of the wrought iron work on terrace houses while Jerry was in the recording studio.   

On the down side as many readers know my daughter Eve is a circus performer. Over the weekend we had a phone call to say that Eve fell off the high wire but only broke her ankle, so all is OK.

On another note I do have a link for today as BibliOdyssey has recently highlighted the Australian classic of May Gibbs Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. For those not famliar with this children’s book pop over and make yourself familiar with the illustrations that has captured the imagination of generations of Aussies.


  1. Thanks all for the get well wishes I will pass them on to Eve. I spoke to her on skype – she seems happy enough brandishing crutches and says she will be back in action in no time and is happily taking the opportunity to learn a few more tunes (she plays mandolin)

  2. It must have been the weekend for broken bones. I just got a phone call this morning from a friend’s husband saying that she had to rush out of town because her daughter broke her wrist and needed emergency surgery.

    Here’s to a speedy and full recovery for Eve. Luckily she’s an athlete so she has strong muscles to aid her.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    My heart sank and almost missed a beat until I read to the end of that sentence. I’m so glad that Eve is ok. I know what this activity is like with my Grand Daughter being an Acro Gymnast. It can be so dangerous. Thank Goodness all is ok.

    I second that with the wrought iron work it is exquisite, could be perfectly inspirational for embroidery. Bye for now Tricia

  4. Fell off the high wire?! That’s a heart-stopper! What a blessing that she hurt only her ankle. May God speed healing and bring her comfort.

    Jerry plays ‘fiddle’ — love it! Will the CD make it to North America?

    What lovely photos of ironwork. Inspirational for stitching…


  5. Sharon, how stressful for you that Eve is injured, even when they’re grown up they’re still our kids, aren’t they?

    I hope you saw all the lovely 3 level terraces in Victoria Street Kings Cross on your travels. They were due for demolition in the 70’s but the Builders Workers’ Union blacklisted the work, and they were saved. The wrought iron work on the balconies is just to die for on them too.

    Thanks also for the listing of my blog Lady Janes Journal in your “L” list. I had 3 times the number of my usual visitors over a couple of days, gave me quite a “boost” that did. Also saw the new grandson on Sunday, so the world is pretty rosy at the moment, LOL.

  6. Please send my best wishes to Eve! So pleased to hear that she only has a broken ankle but I guess a broken ankle is a big set back to a circus proformer. Your heart must have skipped a beat when they told you she had fallen.

    Lovely photos of the iron work, especially with those hard shadows echoing the design on the wall behind.


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