October Take it Further.

October Take it Further.

This month the challenge is to  think about your textile work space. How do you feel about this space? What role does it play in your life?

Many of us have workrooms or studios, others have set aside a corner of a room or just have a favourite chair. Personally I feel its important to me to have a room if possible because it means I can work on a project and leave it overnight to return in the morning with everything as I left it. I don’t have to waste time putting stuff away or getting it out. It means if I have spare half hour or so I simply walk in my room and do a little work. All these moments of work mount up. They are only a few moment here and there that are saved but it is one of the reasons I do manage to get things done.


I thought it might be fun to share images of workspaces too. So this is where I stitch. 

The Colour Challenge

The colours this month were taken from a photograph I took while in Sydney recently. 

Remember that the colours can only ever be a suggestion as computer screens display colours differently. The aim is to be as close as possible to the colours on your screen. From ColourLovers you can download swatches to use is Photoshop, Illustrator, or in a CSS file.

As usual when you have worked the idea swing back to this page and leave a comment with blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done. There is a flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge and Debra Spincic has another TIF blog. Please remember if you use Debra’s TIF blog to swing by here too!

There is a even a Take it Further group over on the stitching fingers community. The community has grown considerably to well over a 1100 members. It is not only a good way to keep in touch with the community but and all sorts of challenges, swaps go on.

A bit of News

I am on a brief trip to New Zealand to take a little break and see Eve. I will be not be regularly blogging for 10 -14 days. If I get the chance I post circus and holiday pics.


  1. Well I have finally uploaded my October finished piece to my flickr site …
    http://flickr.com/photos/memyni/ I used the colours and my design is inspired by playing cards.

    I actualy work in several spots around the house – the kitchen bench, my desk in front of the computer, and I spend time looking and playing with the stash in my craft room – this is more like a cupboard as there is no room in there to work it is for storage purposes only.


  2. I’ve posted my results for the October challenge at http://www.colorlineandtexture.blogspot.com. Please scroll down to October 18 and previous entries for TIF. I also finally blogged the results of last year’s TAST challenge after I completed October’s assignment. I didn’t have a digital camera last year, so I worked the stitches each week but didn’t report them to the TAST community. Just in case anyone working this year’s TIF challenge is still doing TAST, I am finally coming clean and showing what I accomplished.

    Cheers, Bernadette

  3. Ok,
    I feel I have been very brave letting anyone see where I produce my work, I think it is a miracle I can produce anything in my tiny room, sometimes I do wonder how I even get into the room. So take a look if you are nosey, otherwise all I can see is you were warned!

  4. Finally I managed to do something useful with this months theme, Sharon and the rest of you challengers! It’s completely different from my other challenges, but that the meaning of all this! See my blog, please and tell me if my design shows my thoughts about my workingspace.

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I wanted to let you know that I have to drop out of the TIF Challenge. My Dad passed on today, and I need to fly to the East Coast, my Mom passed away 18 months ago so there are many things that need to be taken care of. I’m sorry to have to leave, but I won’t be able to contribute like I wanted to. I want to thank you and everyone who participated in the challenge for allowing me to participate. Thank you to everyone. I’ll have my laptop with me and will drop in from time to time to see how things are going.


  6. My daughter thinks my workingspace is a complete mess, but she’s VERY organized herself. I’m not and usually I can find my things although not when I need it, but I come across some lost things, so I always find my things in time, am I right, or am I right? But how to put that in a TIF for this month…..my brains are spinning, I hope I can come up with something in time….

  7. I too work in organized chaos. I just joined the TIF and am really thinking about this challenge. Having never been in art or design school, I have never really done anything that evokes my feelings about a particular thing, so am looking forward to it. I think I will try to the feeling side of it instead of the visual. Thanks.

  8. Hi Maggie – just join in. When you have made something post it to your blog then come back to my blog and leave a message here. Don’t forget your blog address when you leave the message. People follow the link to see what you have done.

  9. Hi Jackie – sure you can ask its a a carpet which was on the floor when we moved into the house. I plan on taking it up and sealing the floor boards one day but its such a job I keep just being very careful of any pins I drop! Boards are the best as you can just sweep up sewing threads etc and you find pins. (It is sort of important since I never wear shoes indoors)

  10. Like everyone else it seems, I work in organised chaos. I have to tidy up and put everything out of reach when my grandchildren come to stay as they sleep in there so maybe I can make use of that fact in creating something for the Challenge. Grace

    Grace Lister
  11. Whow, that sure is tidied up! My space only looks a little bit like that when we have guests.
    The room I am working in is my eldest daughter’s room. She is now studying and allowed me to set up my studio there. It is tiny, but I have a desk and two chests with large drawers. This is heaven after all the time I could only work at the kitchen table and had to store everything in the cellar. However, it is not nearly enough space. And since I have to heap up things on every possible surface, I am searching a lot for things I know I have. What is neatly stored away is my stash (sorted according to colors and fabric) and my embellishments (tucked away in storage trays I got from a jeweler). I hope to find some ideas for storage in the new “Studios” magazine…

  12. I don’t have a studio or even a place to work and I definitely feel the lack. We have a teeny house and I don’t see a way at present to the possibility of a space. (Our kitchen is too small for a table; our dining room table is the office with the computer…) I’m not sure where to begin to illustrate my feelings on all of this. Marjorie

  13. Looks far too tidy!! Having just moved into a new space I’m just getting used to my new studio. This time I have dedicated “stations” for certain activities as I couldn’t get my big table in the door. For example, I have a sewing table, computer (office) table and a painting table. All had to be fold up tables to get in the door. I really like this arrangement as I now don’t have to clean off a space to do painting – I just shift to the appropriate spot!! I’m off to the UK this month so I may produce something in the last few days of the month. Have fun everyone!

  14. Workspace can make such a difference. I now have a space that feeds my soul: lots of light and space for friends to join me — plus red walls and a green “Jackson Pollock” floor (which I think influences my color choices… hmmm…)(pic posted yesterday) — I am experiencing more joy in creating than ever before.

  15. Wow I have to ask? Is your space always so clean???? I finally have a space of my own that I have claimed (after teaching in various buioldings and rooms then and raising 3 kids now adults I finally have space, maybe I’ll take some pics of my space during the month and post them on my blog, but you’ll see mine is not always so neat…actually hardly ever…. lol and somehow keeps growing!

  16. I have waited all day for the new TIF Challenge – and at the moment am ROTFLOL at the “work space” concept. I design and paint needlepoint canvas for a living – and have for 40 years, and while I am extremely organized about it, my work space is not. I call it “organized chaos” – and when the space dwindles on my work table to the size of a placemat, I clean it up and start over.
    I will inventory the objects on this table.

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