Morning musings

Morning musings

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Tenar has mused about the focus of her blog and how it has shifted since started to keep Tenars Cave. The scope of what an author should cover on blog is a huge question and it particularly applies when we are talking about a creative persons blog.  To put it simply, a person who is creative is usually afflicted with an  active curiosity too. This means they are  for ever wandering about  “Off topic”

For instance Tenar speaks of the history of her blog  “I started sharing whatever remotely creative thing I happened to do. I meandered from stitching to knitting to painting to photography and back again”. I know what she means, but I find it interesting to see what people are discovering online.

When I started blogging I can remember thinking that a blog was different from a discussion list because it could wander on and off the topic and people did not seem to mind. I think if a blog wanders too far, too often, the author risks losing readers because people don’t want to waste their time while a writer simply indulges themselves. It should not be forgotten that blogs are not like diaries as they are a public medium and usually actively solicit comments but as I have said before there has to room too for the quirky. How far off topic do you think blogs should stray? I think a %10 – %20 stray rate is OK In other words 1 or 2 posts in 10 can be off topic, but after that I start hitting the unsubscribe button in my RSS reader. What do you do? 


Mary Corbet  of Needle n’ thread asked if there was a story behind the site name. Well needless to say there is. For anyone who has tried to register an easily remembered dot com name that is short, easily spelt and not already taken, will know just how difficult it is. For nearly two years I have been trying to find something that related to textiles, had a bit of personality, not too hard to spell and rolled off the tongue with ease.

The other week I dropped a tin of pins and the word pin tangle came to mind. I was thrilled because I found to my surprise the name was available. In fact I could not believe my luck. I registered it within 15 minutes and then I realised that it was time to move the blog and start to put in place a few things that have had planed for while.

Brenda says “I notice that you will not be updating your Mindtracks blog but hope that you will still share some of your technical and bloggy insights from time to time.” Yes I will, particularly if I think people find the topic of interest.

In fact if anyone out there is interested in choosing their own domain name you may like to read Domain Names and Website Flipping by Sean R Mize Also there are a couple of Domain name tools to help you. Here is a list of them.

On a slightly different note some have said they feel sad that the old posts will be deleted on the old blog not here. I want to make it very clear that my whole blog was imported here. The whole lot. I will delete the old blog because I don’t want a duplicate. All posts  are here safe and sound so you wont lose the information and references you may want to use.

While I am being geeky I have to share the news because I am feeling just so good about it.  I have a new Mac actually it has been here a little while but I have not had time to blog it. Why buy a Mac right now? Well this was purchased by the store when the dollar was almost equal to the US dollar but now our dollar is bobbing about around the 60-70c mark, which means imports will be going up. The store where we purchased it from had 5 left and wanted to shift them so they were cheaper still. Next year I want to do more photoshop work so the seduction of the large screen worked and yes we are Mac folks. There is a little family history here and the top of our bookshelves is the retirement home for our old machines. Incase you are wondering the oldest machine there was made in 1987.



  1. Sharon, what fun it was to see the old Macs. I’ve been through all of them in school labs where I taught, but until I bought my iBook 3 years ago, I’d always personally owned a PC. I’ve been very happy with my iBook, and love the new Mac desktops that have everything right in the lovely big screen.

  2. Sharon,
    I appreciate your energy so much. Your new blog name and the direction you are going inspires me so much. I am a mac gal too! There’s nothing like them. I use "Parallels" which is interesting as I feel like a pioneer.
    Yesterday I was laid off. I tell you this just because I see it as a new chapter of creativity. I was asking the universe for time, healthy time off. I intend to work part time and move into more areas that feed me. stitching and web *stuff* are just two of them. Playing fiddle is the other!
    So you can see why you and Mindtracks inspire me to keep going.
    Just wanted to say thanks! and looking forward to all your new energy with PIN TANGLE!

  3. I agree with your thoughts on blogs going off-topic. I am always interested to read about other creative interests on art/craft blogs and like going off at a tangent if it can lead to creative thoughts. A little personal info on a blog adds flavour, and can be relevant if it has provided inspiration or motivation for creative work, but to be honest, too much can get boring if you don’t know the person in the real world. I also have an inner censor asking if I want my boss/future employer/husband/father/children/bank manager/tabloid newspaper or any random stranger (burglar !) to know this fact.

  4. Ooof! No way you’d catch me storing old computers! Apart from the fact that we live in a shoebox (or it feels like it at times) and, if we don’t have room for a decent craft area, we *certainly* don’t have one for a computer retirement village, it’s just more stuff to deal with later on.

    Congrats on a successful move etc. I know how trialsome these things can be and, even if I was ever totally fed up of Blogger, I don’t think I’d have the techno-nerve for it all!!!=)

  5. Not only do I have the very same iMac as you but I can also relate to the top of your bookshelf. We have always joked about opening a museum for our older computers. We have thirteen machines. We got our first computer back in 1982, and updated to the 6MHz IBM PC AT in 1985. We have both Macs and PCs; six computers are in use daily; two others are used, but less frequently.

    About blogs sticking to the subject, that’s great for research and inspiration but we’re all human and have other dimensions in our lives. For me, my online journal is a collection of ramblings about what I’m up to that other people just happen to read.

  6. Finally found you – I got busy and hadn’t been reading and then you disappeared!

    Hee! I’ve got an older mac than you do!!! Mine’s circa 1984. OK> no circa about it. Dad was writing a book about it, the deal fell through and I got it to take to college with me that fall! I still have it. They replaced the power supply about 12 years ago and the technician said, "Do you know what you’ve got here?" it’s number 90 off the assembly line – back when they were numbered AND signed! I’ve got Steve Jobs signature in there somewhere!

    I miss my mac.

  7. Congratulations on the new web site.Great name which is easy to remember and certainly rolls off the tongue easily. So glad you could import everything to Pin Tangle so I can continue with TAST unhindered, your stitch library is priceless.

  8. Hello Sharon,
    first of all I really admire you, you shifted your blog not so long ago and to do it all over again – wow!
    I have been also thinking about blogging, my blog, what makes me coming back to blogs I read regullarly. I think it is a fact that I get something, usually an interesting info, insight or link. Sadly, I must admit, since starting my own blog, I have much less time to be a regular reader of other people´s blog.

  9. I love the shelf top – it helps me realise that I’m not mad, having an old BBC ‘B’ from the early 80’s still installed below the TV. Both still work, but the tv has had to be replaced several times due to previous models dying!

    I’d agree with the off post proportion – I don’t read crafters blogs for recipes, family outings etc. but a little information is usually interesting (as in old macs) or scrollable if not.

  10. I’m going to make sure my husband doesn’t see that picture of the top of your bookcase. It might give him ideas! That new job is very pretty though :- )

    I started blogging with very little idea of what the "rules" were. I’m naturally disinclined to share a lot of personal or family stuff but my health is such a big factor in what I can accomplish on any given day that it creeps into the posts more often than I’d like. It is fun to see the various tangents creative individuals go off on so I don’t mind that sort of thing. There’s lots of good ideas to be discovered that way!

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