Look at what I found …

Look at what I found …

Look at what I just found in the garden …

I just had to share…

Now I just have to find my secateurs which I had in my hand when I saw this little creature.

I was in such a hurry to grab the camera that I put them down and do you think I can find them now. Not on your sweet bippee …


  1. Oh my! Here we’re awaiting snow and all the bugs have died or hibernated, or whatever it is bugs do in fall and winter. While I’ve seen some colourful caterpillers in my time, all the beetles I’ve seen have been black. That one in your garden is amazing! I have in mind some beads I could use to recreate it on a CQ block…

    Happy gardening!

  2. Mary and Elizabeth
    I don’t know what sort of beetle he is but he is ‘chunky’ not a dainty thing at all. It would make a good stumpwork/goldwork subject and I even have a scrap of some iridescent green fake kid but do you think I can find it. I can visualise it and its about 2 inches square. The frustrating thing is I remember the colour to be the same which is why I saved it.
    Not a good look since a few days ago I posted about how I organize everything to colour! Ha I should not be so darned smug at times it comes back to haunt me.

    Sharon B
  3. Well, I am glad you found them. Because I was sure this creature must have eaten them. They do, you know. It’s how they get the metallic sheen, by eating metal.

    I have heard they can even repel drop bears. I had one of those beetles here once, and I haven’t had a problem with drop bears since.

    Linda @ Chloe
  4. He looks a bit on the vicious side, with that front weaponry on his face!!

    He reminds me of the jewel beetle wings I’ve embroidered with, but the wings don’t seem quite the same shape, and the neck armor is a bit larger and smoother-looking. The colors are the same, though.

    That’s a great photo, Sharon! I’m glad you took the picture!

  5. What a subject for stumpwork! And I bet the colours glowed even more in real life – such iridescence some insects have.=)

    Well, it’s winter chez moi as well, and it even snowed for a few minutes this morning, with more forecast throughout the week. I don’t mind though, so no complaints from me. It’s been over 20 years since we had a really decent snowfall here!

  6. Glad to see other people get sidetracked by needing to take photos of something immediately. What a beautiful colour that beetle is. I’m sure it will appear in some form of stitching or beading on a piece of your CQ some day. Hope you found your secateurs eventually.

  7. Virginia
    yes its the first day of summer here and those colours are somehow better in life. I really love the look of them.
    We don’t often see this particular type of bug – we call them jewel beetles but I don’t know the proper name for them – it was about an inch and bit long – or 4 cms

    Sharon B
  8. I’m going to come and visit you, Sharon. We have freezing rain outside while you have green leaves, gardening and glorious beetles. πŸ™‚ Someday, I want to learn how to do enameling so that I can attempt to re-create some of those amazing iridescent beetle colors.

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