Proud Mum again

Proud Mum again

OK a proud Mum post is coming up. This is Eve my daughter doing a single point trapeze act. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

If you want to see more of her videos. Eve’s youtube page is to be found here.  

Just to stay on topic a little Eve wants a full circle skirt and top for this act. It’s going to be another interesting challenge because I have to create a skirt that will not fall over her head. The way trapeze artists do it (and it is done on this skirt) is to work a 3 inch line of stitching  between the knees. It’s just enough to keep the skirt behaving. 

In case you wonder about beading acting to weigh the skirt down. It is not a good idea because if for some reason the skirt gets caught on the trapeze and beads are between the trapeze bar and say and the ankle it’s very painful. 

Eve is home for Christmas and will be leaving straight after Christmas to perform at Woodford in Queensland then on to another festival in Tasmania at Signet. 


  1. Eve is stunning! No wonder you are a proud mum! I’ve always loved to watch trapeze work.

    We saw the Cirque du Soleil show, "Ka", a few weeks ago. It was so awesome! You daughter would fit right in!

    I, too, am glad to know about the skirt thing. My husband and I are ballroom/swing dancers and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to display quite so much leg anymore! Thanks.

  2. It was very fun to watch though I must admit I spent a lot of time watching how her skirt moved and fell and how her bodice top stayed in place! Couldn’t help it! That being said, the grace of the performance came through all the same. You should be proud!

  3. "Graceful" is definitely the right word. And I kept thinking how wonderfully athletic she is to do the trapeze work she’s doing, yet it looks more graceful than athletic when you’re watching her. Just beautiful.

    Interesting info about the skirt. I’ve never seen someone do trapeze work in a skirt before. It seems more ballet-ish when the performer is wearing a flowy skirt.

  4. Lovely, graceful and how fit she must be! Thanks for talking about how the skirt works. I wondered about that. I’ve never seen trapeze performers in anything but a leotard like costume. The skirt is so much more graceful.

    Cindy B
  5. Your daughter is beautiful, no wonder you are so proud of her. She is so talented and must be very strong. My Mum was a stage acrobat in her teens and travelled all over the UK performing. She was the smallest and so was always the top one in the pyramid.

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