Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I am on my twirly chair swinging around first North, then South then East and West waving to everyone and wishing you all a Happy New Year. Gosh it feels weird to see 2009 on the top of the calendar. Who else is in the same boat as I feel this new year has crept up on me somewhat.

OK… make a cuppa as it seems an age since we had a chat…

The news first up is that my online classes are running again at Joggles.com. Develop a Personal Libarary of Stitches will start again on March 4, 2009. It is more than simply a stitch along or a challenge as the course encourages people to develop stitches that can be applied to various design situations so it not only increases your stitching knowledge it increases your design skills too. It is not a project based class but a class written to encourage developing stitches as an aspect of design.

This class is suitable for beginners who have explored their basic stitches to those of intermediate skills who what to explore design but not interested in doing so via project based courses.

You can read details about the class on this blog or go straight to the Personal Libarary of Stitches class.

The other class I am running is the very popular Encrusted Crazy Quilting class. If you have ever wanted to try crazy quilting but felt there was just too many things to juggle on a block this class shows you how to apply design to crazy quilting. If you need to know how to lead the eye around a block so that the block reads rather than screams at you in a jumbled mess of glitz.

Also covered are techniques required to make a block such as piecing, hand embroidery, beading and embellishment along side controlling design elements such as composition, balance and colour.

This class is suitable for beginners to intermediate stitchers and crazy quilters and starts on Feb 25th. You can read details about the class on this blog or go straight to Joggles to the Encrusted Crazy Quilting.

Unfortunately when I moved this blog many of the comments from students who had taken these classes were lost but if you are interested in what past students have had to say you can read them here

If you have not taken an online class before and feel unsure, I have explained how online classes work here As a method of learning they can be heaps of fun and there has been some very successful outcomes.

On another note … what classes would you like see written? 

If you have taken one of my classes and have thought to your self “I wish Sharon would do a class on  …” leave a comment and let me know. My work situation has changed this year and I am blocking in my wall planner now. If you toss out an idea for a class and people like it you might just get your wish! It takes me an age to write classes so I like to know I am working on something people want. I appreciate your input and ideas so do leave a comment.

Fiber diet weigh in

For a bit of fun, in the next few days expect my  Fiber Diet Weigh In. For those readers who do not know the back story,  last January I took everything out of my workroom and before I put it back I weighed it. The idea is to weigh it again as see after a year if it is less. This crazy idea in an attempt to get on top of my stash. I must say however it leads to very good clean up each year if nothing else!

Stitch Explorer 2009

I have had numerous signups  for the Stitch Explorer challenge. I will announce the challenge on the 15th of each month. Its free and these challenges are fun and can prod you out of a routine. I have yet to make a list of blogs / flickr sites etc that are fellow challengers. They are all in the comments on the guidelines page but I will make a list as it’s fun to click and browse. (So watch out for that in the next few days)

Stitch Along 

As many readers know over on Stitchin Fingers in the Hand Embroidery group we have a stitch-along ticking over. I hope to be more involved in this and have more posts that relate to the Stitch Along I have not done a lot or chatted much about it because I have been working on the diamond block quilt but that will finish soon and I plan to be adding to my band sampler and as promised blogging the progress.

Stitch Dictionary development

Back in 2004 when I first started this blog I thought I could use it to push, prod and encourage me to add stitches to my stitch dictionary. That has not really happened as I got side tracked having too much fun but this year I want to change that. Many of the stitch along stitches could do with good directions online so expect me to tackle those and there are oodles of more to be added. Once again I will be adding my band sampler to document these. So expect a lot of stitch tutorials here.

The Back Story of my Band sampler

This year I am documenting my band sampler, band by band, section by section. There is a considerable amount of information to be collated together and covered so alongside my regular blog writing. I will post information, a band at a time more or less daily. I will start at the beginning and continue until done.

This will be along side my usual blog posts. So for those who are only half interested in this project don’t be deterred as my normal blogging will continue.

Crazy quilting 

Most of last year I have been working on the diamond block quilt and I hope to have it complete soon. I have plans already for my next big crazy quilting project but more on that as it develops. I will tease you with the idea that it is a project I have thought about for a long time and it is very special …

As teasers to the idea take a look at this dragon and his foe, who looks big in the photo but stands at 4 inches high and mix in a few more mythical characters and techniques like this unicorn worked using thread painting techniques, or applying techniques similar to this dragonfly on a crazy quilt, and you might be able to guess my next theme.

I have thought about and researched this topic for over a decade so I am very much looking forward to starting it.

Finally on a personal note…

Our 29th anniversary was last night and Jerry and I had a wonderful day/evening yesterday to celebrate literally the best years of our life … lets hope we have as many to come!

Once again happy new year to all my readers and I hope next year brings easily threaded needles and threads that don’t tangle.




  1. Hi Sharon,

    I"ve been giving some thought to future classes – I think I’ve taken all except Encrusted CQ. I’ve really enjoyed all of them and learned heaps from each.

    I feel that embroiderers (and other fiber artists) frequently find the idea/design component most problematic and think that this is an area where your skills and background are incredibly useful. Not downgrading anything else of course! I would especially like another class olong the lines of Studio Journals with an emphasis on ideas and development towards a design – not necessarily a lot of stitching but more journal oriented. More composting in other words!

    Feel free to discuss this with me further if you want. I don’t want to bore everyone else.

    On another note – would love a CD version of your stitch dictionary if you ever have the time to do this. I think you mentioned this some time ago as a possibility but I know how time consuming things like this are so am not at all surprised it is on the backburner!

    Thanks for everything you do for us – it is really appreciated.

  2. Congratulations to you and Jerry on your 29th Anniversary Sharon, may you continue with much happiness and good health.

    I really enjoyed the year of stitching the 100 Details with Susan Elliott as hostess and look forward to your Stitch Explorer.

    I blogged my failure to de-stash and hope for better luck this year.


    Maureen Bond
  3. Hello Sharon, I was hoping that Joggles and you would offer Sumptious Surfaces or Building a Personal Library of Stitches in 2009. I was excited to see one come up when I checked Joggles a few days ago, then despair when I saw the date. I go OS on 20 March, so I would only get 3 weeks of classes in. Would it be worth doing for 3 weeks or would I be better off to wait for latter in the year?
    Thank you, Ruth P

    Ruth Palsson
  4. Happy New Year Sharon. Unfortunately I didn’t keep going with the Take it Further challenge but I enjoyed the pieces I did and I liked seeing all the ideas generated by you and everyone else so thanks for all your work.

  5. Happy New Year, Sharon and Jerry – and Happy Anniversary!

    You’ve got so many exciting things coming up this year – it’s thrilling to read about them! I’ll definitely be announcing your classes on my website, too. I know lots of stitchers who have learned so much from your classes and really enjoyed them!

    You’re a constant source of inspiration, Sharon! I wish you the best for 2009!

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