Rambles online market place

Rambles online market place

Rambles is an online trading site for crafts people founded by Maria Falconer.

Unlike the free for all that is Etsy, Rambles has a submission policy.  It looks to be a good place to shop but the question in the back of my mind was it a good place to sell?

Here is a cut and paste from their about page.

“If you are an artist, crafter or designer who wholesales and are interested in doing business with Rambles, please send the following information to queries@rambles.com:

(1) Your name

(2) Your address

(3) Your phone number(s)

(4) The title and description of your art/craft

(5) The wholesale and preferred retail price of your work

(6) Photos of your work. Please also include any galleries presently carrying these items.

We prefer to purchase items at a wholesale price. We also prefer to carry items that retail for less than $100. However, in special cases, we will carry more expensive items. We also carry items on a commission sale basis occasionally. Please indicate your preference (wholesale or commission) in your note.”

Have any readers had any experience with this site in either buying or selling? I have not encountered this firm before and would love to know if anybody has dealt with them.

Leave a comment if you have I would love to know and I am sure other readers would too.

That said there is a some nice work on the site.

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