Today is ANZAC day, the day Australians and New Zealanders remember those who died in war

Thousands attended  Anzac dawn service in Canberra this morning.  

Some say that ANZAC Day valorises war but as a nation we actually remember our greatest loss in war.  Visitors from overseas make comment on this as I suppose it is a bit strange to remember the tragedy rather the wins but that is the point. To remember the cost of peace.  

If you have time grab a cuppa and browse as The Age has an interactive site up and  the ABC also has loads of information about the day and the events we remember. For the non-Aussies that read this blog you might enjoy dipping into a little history as Gallipoli was our greatest loss in war but ANZAC day has come to mean more in the nations psyche. It is the day we remember all Australians lost in all wars and there are commemorations all over the country.

Anyway for the Aussies out there – enjoy the long holiday weekend and drive safely. 


  1. Hi Annet – I guess I did not make myself understood as what I meant was we look back at our greatest loss ie when most men died in the war not victory day when most people celebrate. We also observe the end of the War but ANZAC day is slightly different because it recognises the horror not victory.

    Sharon B

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