Art Trade an ezine not to be missed

Art Trade an ezine not to be missed

screenshot of websiteFor those who enjoy art journals, collage and mixed media, ATC’s both fabric and paper, altered art, mail art, swapped art, drawing and related paper arts will love the free ezine Art Trader.

The latest 73 page issue features articles on techniques, design principals, interviews, using media such as water colour pencils, altered art techniques, and loads and loads of eye candy, ideas, advice, and tips.

This is the 6th issue. You can download the back issues from the art trader site, which I plan to do as these will be my Sunday read.

I hope you enjoy them too!

Thanks for the heads up via email Bev!


  1. I’ve been meaning to say hello and thanks yet again for such a great blog with yet another fantastic link today. I’ve been rather behind with things due to pressure of work and home and family issues lately, but I check Pintangle every day for my regular "fix", and it always encourages me to keep going!

    I did sign up for your Encrusted CQ course which I thought was fabulous, but due to having to unexpectedly travel for work didn’t get a chance to participate in the forums, so I have squirrelled the files away to enjoy working through later this year. Bless you Sharon, you’re an inspiration!
    Jules x

    Jules Millin

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