Last night I spent far too long playing with a browser based free online drawing tool called Scribbler.

Basically you start a drawing in the white area and then click “Start Scribbler” and let the program run until you think it’s created something of interest. Stop the program by clicking “Pause” add more to the drawing and start the program up again. You can build up a drawing yet the computer also creates little serendipitous surprises.

It is great fun, particularly once you open the scribbler settings and start playing with them too!  I am sure particularly machine embroiderers will enjoy this as the built up linear marks that form net like structures lend themselves to be interpreted on one of the dissolvable materials. 

I thought particularly with the last colour image I could use the design and build up lace like fabric units that repeat. I am thinking of few units in a line to make a lacy scarf using water dissolvable material like Solvey.

So I would trace the pattern outline (or key elements of it) onto Solvey. Drop the feed dogs on the machine, let the needle roam free to embroider it using interesting threads, then wash out the Solvey being left with the net structure only.  

It is just an idea a this stage but I am thrilled to have Scribbler as a design tool.  


When you are done take a screen shot to keep the image as there is no way at the moment to export the drawing. 

I don’t use a PC but according to the site if you use the print screen key to place the image in your clip board which you can access from a graphic program

On a Mac use Command shift 3 and a picture file will land on your desk top.   You simply double click to open it. 

I know it is not a toy for Monday morning as it could prove to be a real time sink … but have fun! 


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