Stitch Explorer challenge for July

Stitch Explorer challenge for July

This month we will look at contemporary embroidery as style. Although many people would say that contemporary embroidery is a free for all  we can spot some key design features that often (not always) appear in contemporary styles.

For instance I am sure that in the future  textile historians will write about the introduction of mixed media, found objects and the combination of techniques such as working on hand dyed or unusual back grounds.

This month the challenge is to incorporate something you would not normally use in embroidery. Think about using a hand dyed or unusual background fabric.

My sample includes using ring pulls form the top of drink cans and it was worked on a nylon curtain net. (click on the image for a larger size)

Have fun with this months challenge. I have established a Flickr group for those who want to use it. The name is Stitchexplorer

How to participate in the stitch explorer challenge 

Stitch some samples that push this embroidery style

Blog it or put images somewhere online where people can see them. If you use flickr send them to the Stitchexplorer group

Come back to this post and leave a comment with your web address in it so that people can visit and see what you have done.

Note if when you leave a comment, if you fill in the form with your URL, it means that when people click on your name they will be taken to your blog.



  1. Hi Sharon,
    I posted my piece for this challenge on the flickr site and on my blog. I wish I had started it sooner; now my head is spinning with ideas for other odd things to use in embroidery! Thanks so much for these challenges – they stretch the brain. I spent too much time on Vacation Bible School crafts and wished I could have done more with your challenge ideas.

    Lin Moon

  2. Sam – yes it was all done by hand. Although I can and do occasionally use the sewing machine to embellish a surface I actually enjoy the process of hand embroidery most

    Sharon B
  3. So sorry about your mum, but glad that you feel able to resume posting – they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and you have been greatly missed. I pray that God’s love will surround and comfort you and your family and give you strength for the days ahead.


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