Bead size chart

Bead size chart

If you are ever looking for a seed bead size chart this one very useful. 

Rather than a list of sizes this chart represents each size visually so you can see at a glance what is what. 

If you print it out and keep it handy you will be able to substitute beads in a pattern. It  also supplies a few notes on how many of a particular size bead is required to cover an inch which helps you plan your own designs. There is also a Millimetre/ Inch guide all on the one page! 

I printed out two copies. One was pasted to the inside cover of my studio journal and the other was pinned on the board in front of my desk.  



  1. What a useful resource! Love the at a glance bead sizes!

    I did get slightly confused with the millimeter/inch gauge in which the numbers 0-3 actually refer to centimetres (cm) as opposed to mm! The mm are actually measured a little oddly and shown by the un-unumbered lines inbetween the numbered cm marks.

    Make sure your brain is plugged in when checking this gauge!

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