Stitch Explorer challenge for October

Stitch Explorer challenge for October

Last month was a time to play catch up so I hope all are looking forward to the challenge for this month. This month I would like people to look at stitches that have laidwork foundations.

Sometimes laidwork is listed under filling stitches such as the case in Mary Webb’s Embroidery stitches.

As I was doing a bit of research on this I discovered the ANG has a very good article on different laidwork foundation patterns.


Patterns can be developed and built up by couching the laid threads in a manner that the couching threads form a pattern. This is the basis of Or Nue where the laid threads were gold and the couching threads in a contrasting colour are worked in a design to form patterns.

A contemporary term is pattern couching and it hints at a more adaptive technique as the ANG  point out pattern couching can be done in all sorts of threads, from thick bubbly wool to fine silk.  earlier this year the ANG explored Diagonal Pattern couching 

Some very complex patterns and textures can be built up using this technique. Plaited stitch builds into a woven texture.

As you can see I started to experiment with this style and… ummm…clears throat in an embarrassed manner  before admitting the beads took over.

No matter, I hope you find inspiration in the links and enjoy exploring what can be done with laidwork this month.

How to join in

Stitch some samples that push this embroidery style

Blog about what you have done or put images somewhere online where people can see them. If you use flickr send them to the Stitchexplorer group

Come back to this post and leave a comment with your web address in it so that people can visit and see what you have done.

Note if when you leave a comment, if you fill in the form with your URL, it means that when people click on your name they will be taken to your blog.



  1. Oh my goodness – what a joyful, gorgeous piece! I LOVE seeing improvisational fibre art pieces, but for some reason I find it difficult to just have a go and be spontaneous with my own stitching and sewing. This post, however, has inspired me. The laid work is really spectacular – I think it appeals to that ‘ordered, organized’ side of me!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the compliments about the laid work – I loved doing it. When I started I thought I was going to work quite traditional patterns but it took another turn and produced this. I love it when the piece takes over.

    Kirsten I think it is google reader as I have not made any changes

    Sharon B
  3. Sharon, You did have a lovely time with your explorations of laid work. The beads add to it wonderfully. It is lovely to see some of your stitching on your band that was all sorts of bits sewn together!

    Ruth Palsson

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