The latest issue of the Bonefolder is out

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The Bonefolder  Volume 6, No. 1, Fall 2009 issue is out.

This journal is way above the normal standard for a free ezine and since I spent the weekend binding some visual journals I was in the mood to delve into the topic.

This ezine is very much about the fine craft of book binding and also presents some wonderful artist books for our enjoyment. In short there is loads of book binding inspiration.

technique articles I particularly enjoyed was German Case Binding by Barbara Tetenbaum and Surface Gilding by James Reid-Cunningham. Regula Russelle’s piece Sharing Something Beautiful for Free: Reflections on a public arts project is a thoughtful piece that made me think and I loved the eye candy in the 2009 Bind-O-Rama

This issue of Bonefolder is a 63 page PDF file so make cuppa and enjoy it.


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