The visual journals of Michael Bell

Michael Bell is an art instructor who advocates developing creative skills through the use of a visual journal.

“Visual journaling is a way to record life’s experiences, feelings, emotional reactions, or one’s own inner voice visually and verbally. Sometimes words alone fail to describe what we feel inside. Visual journaling is a creative way to respond to an internal, very personal situation in traditional sketchbooks, or through non-traditional works of art that include both text and imagery.”

Pop over to Michael Bell’s site and enjoy some great page spreads from his sketchbooks and eye candy in his galleries.

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  1. "Everyone is an Artist"
    It is great when you find someone like this who speaks to you. For me it was when I found suziblu and I have been a lot more productive since then.
    I have a journal now too and I write or draw things that come into my head that I want to keep in mind. I’ve used everything from watercolour pencils to crayons, to pen or pencil or stamps, stuck things in, whatever I wanted to do, and then I try to take that confidence over to what I want to make with textiles. It doesn’t matter what media you use, make art every day!

    And guess how I found suziblu… via YOU!

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