Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity


If you listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s presentation while you stitch I think you will find it interesting.

Elizabeth Gilbert approaches the idea of being a professional in a creative industry from a refreshingly new slant.

She questions the idea that creativity and anguish is linked, and asks if the idea needs to be continued.



  1. I too was taught that creativity was a gift but also that it was a sin not to use it. I think part of the message (ie its a sin not to use it) gives shy people the nerve to jump at times too but many forget the second part of the message.

    Sharon B
  2. Very interesting and with some worthwhile thoughts.

    I personally can’t say that I believe any creativity can be ascribed to any external spirit visiting us, but I do formly believe that creativity is a God-given, God-implanted part of the human, created in his amazingly creative image. So, in that respect, it’s external and internal at the same time. Remembering that it’s a received gift helps to keep one’s ego within recommended proportions!!!=)

    Creativity to me is healing, joyous and expressive, a very positive thing – even when used to purge something negative (although this shouldn’t be the whole focus and that’s why I don’t go for Chinese literature). I understand the anguish to a point from worrying that my gift projects would go pear-shaped or that my C&G work was no good compared to others’, but I also feel that that’s mainly a result of the lack of confidence that’s such a big part of human imperfection. Finding a healthy way to combat it is good and her encouragement to just keep on going is the right way forward.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have long ascribed to this notion and to hear it put with such eloquence and gentle humor by Elizabeth was fabulous. (I stitched the entire time!)

    Julie Cayemberg

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