I am jumping up and down excited waving ….

I am jumping up and down excited waving ….

screen shot of siteThe secret is out so I may as well jump up and down about it . I certainly am excited as over past few months Maureen Greeson has been in organising mode and has plans for a crazy quilt event on the East Coast of the United States.

Why am I excited? I am teaching there! People have plenty of time to save their pennies as it will be in April, 2011. Other teachers scheduled are Allison Aller and Betty Pillsbury … so its going to be so gooooooooooood!!!!

At the moment Maureen is putting together a list of people who have expressed an interest. Here is the website.  Please contact Maureen if you are interested in this event (her email is at the bottom of the article)



  1. So happy for you. So, When are you coming to the West Coast like the Newport, Oregon west coast? I would love to take a class from you but east coast is just too far away. Good luck with your class

  2. I am soooo excited about this also. I just registered for the Weekend and your workshop. This is really something to look forward to even if it seems so far away. Can’t wait!!!!

    Maureen Flaherty

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