Taking my camera for a walk

Taking my camera for a walk

It is a long weekend here as it was ANZAC day on Sunday. The day was absolutely glorious, it was warm but not too warm, clear with no wind and the sun shone.

photo with colour swatches

So we used the excuse of demonstrating my GIMP course to go for a walk. If you are unaware of what I am talking about I am offering a 6 week online workshop using the graphics program GIMP as a design tool.

photo with colour swatches

So I am on the look out for fresh photos to play with. A mild Autumn day with the leaves turning was a perfect excuse to  take our cameras out.

photo with colour swatches

For those non- Aussie readers this bird is Crimson Rosella. They are quite common here but they never fail to delight me.

We went to Weston Park and had coffee at the gallery. It is a delightful spot and looks much better than Google maps suggest. Weston Park is a peninsula located on the western side of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. The park is named after Charles Weston, who had founded the nearby Yarralumla Nursery. There are many European trees, so it is a glorious place when the trees are turning.
photo with colour swatches

I thought I would share these 4 photos. Jerry took the photo of the leaf litter and caught the bird while I was busy thinking about the trees I was photographing.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Sharon! The rosella is gorgeous! That’s one thing (of many) that amazed me while I was in Australia – the gorgeous birds that fly around in huge flocks (and make lots of noise!). We only see birds like that in pet shops. That photo made my day! I’m putting it on my desktop!


  2. What beautiful photos. What kind of bird is that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so colorful in the States. It’s Spring here in Texas and we’ve been doing some bird and squirrel watching from our windows.

  3. Hi Jacqui
    Great to hear you are in the class. I have downloaded the latest version as most people will be using that – I figure since it is free we may as well be all using the same.

    Sharon B
  4. Hi Sharon,

    I’ve already enrolled but am interested which version of GIMP you based this class on. I have 2.6.8 installed and wonder if I need to update this. I use Windows XP and Vista.



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