One Month until my new class starts

This is a reminder that on July 7th my new class starts. With GIMP for textile designers you learn a about design and how to use a graphics program at the same time.

GIMP is an open source FREE graphics program that can be used on with a Mac or a PC

GIMP has many capabilities and is often compared to Photoshop as it can be used to edit and retouch photos, be a paint program, or an image format converter and much more. This workshop while touching on these uses, has a main focus of using the program as a tool to develop designs that can be applied to fiber and textiles. In other words GIMP for Textile Designers is Graphics program course written expressly for people who quilt, embroider and express themselves via fiber.

This workshop is aimed at people interested in developing their own designs using a computer graphics program. Gimp for Textile Designers offers a series of design exercises that allow students to develop their design skills while also teaching learning how to use GIMP. It is also held in a forum where it is safe to ask ‘dumb’ questions

Please note

The course assumes that students have no knowledge what so ever of GIMP itself but I do assume students have basic computer skills.  Students need to be able to take, and then download images from a digital camera to your computer. They need to know how to use their own digital camera. In the class description I have explained about what I mean by basic computer skills. So you might want to check it out.

Why not download it from and install it. See it first and then decide if you want to learn more about it. Since the program is free you have nothing to lose.

Feel free to ask questions about the course. Leave a comment/question as others might be thinking the same as you.


  1. Lin Moon yes I will definitely be covering layers – obviously not in the first week but in the second and exercises involve using them every week after that. Its a 6 week course so by the end of it people will understand both selections and layers well! i think you would have a lot of fun with the course

    Sharon B
  2. Hi Sharon,
    I just love GIMP! But there are things I’ve never been able to figure out in it…. Will your class cover layers at all? I don’t even know how to put more than one image on a page, which is what you usually want to do when you’re printing your own "silkies". That is one thing I’d like to learn about.

    Thanks for all the great stitches,
    Lin Moon

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