Off topic but …

Off topic but …

This is supposed to be an actual message that a school in Queensland (Australia) has on its answering machine.

It is not often I post off topic but listen to the message you get when you call the school, it is so true and had me in fits of laughter. Even if it is a spoof, which it probably is, I am sure it will make you smile. 


  1. Oh Sharon, thanks for posting this. It has made my day. I live in Queensland, and to be honest, most of us have a crazy sense of humour. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the school in question isn't close to home [my home], as I know some of the staff!!!

    I'm giggling about this, and must show hubby tonight.


  2. ha! i'm a texpat living in queensland. i don't know whether this is a spoof or not, but it would have been created because we have here the same annoying parenting habits i saw as a teacher at a private school in the u.s.

    this was good fun. sad, but good fun.


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