A busy weekend with the Embroiderer’s Guild

A busy weekend with the Embroiderer’s Guild

I was busy this weekend as I have been involved with the Embroiderers Guild ACT annual exhibition. There has been a lot of work in the lead up but it was a good success with good numbers of people attending the event. 

On another note entirely, I thought I would share this with you. This is one of the few plants that survived the fires.  I love this camillia bush growing near my back step. It is spring here in Australia and at the moment it looks glorious. We have had rain and are out of drought and I know I have to trim it but cant bear to …  I even like the mess. I guess I have to rake it up however… one day


  1. In the UK the tree that does this for us is the Prunus (the May tree). There's something really uplifting about these plants, isn't there.

    It's truly awe-inspiring to see a section of forest when the fires have gone through, with charred and blackened trunks and healthy green tops. To someone brought up among European broadleaf trees it's one of those "We're not in Kansas anymore" moments…

  2. It's beautiful Sharon… To think that that it managed to sustain life even after the fires amazes me… The resilience of Nature… We have a couple of the deeper red ones and I just love them even though they do cause a mess… They are planted in the same area but probably 20 feet apart and for some reason one always flowers first with the other one about a week later… A round robin of flowering.. πŸ™‚

    Sharon Hunting

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