Make a cuppa

Make a cuppa

Ok this is me being proud Mum again as I realised I had not yet shared these and I know some readers really enjoy seeing what Eve my daughter is doing. 

Earlier this year we took a quick trip to Melbourne to see Clockwork Butterfly A Steampunk Extravaganza which was the launch of a steampunk fashion label. I shared some photos of the show here 

Anyway here is some footage. They are dancing on stilts. It is a snippit of the show and I hope you enjoy it.

This footage is from the the Hue Festival 2010, which was held earlier this year in Vietnam. It is snippits of Carnival of the Divine Imagination’s new show, “Elixia” which is performed in collaboration with Longshadow Stilt Theatre Company. Much of it is under UV lights which since the performers are in white it is quite dramatic.

The show has Eve on stilts, trapezes, fire and fire hoops etc watch it you will see and I hope you enjoy it.



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