Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

I have just watched my neighbour climb on his roof and hoist an Australian flag from his roof. Aussies don’t normally have flags flying in their gardens. We are proud of our country but extreme flag waving is not a thing we normally do. We are a little more laid back.

However in this district people do hoist a flag, particularly on Australia Day. It is a legacy of the Canberra fires as the fires were on January 18th and 7 days later people were in shock as they had started to clean up their lives. All over the district people hoisted flags as a demonstration that we would not let a natural disaster beat us. I have dozens of photos of flags draped from burnt out ruins taken that week. So in some ways the flag waving took on a slightly different meaning here in the Weston Creek area of  Canberra

So what typically Aussie things can talk about that my international readers might find interesting? Last night we were kept awake by two Possums bounding around on our roof. They really are noisy creatures. Thankfully they were not in our roof but on our roof. If they get inside they make a hell of mess and they are expensive to remove as they are protected. We did have them once inside and we had to pay out a couple of hundred dollars to have them trapped and released again into the environment.  They also like any ripe fruit on trees. 

What other local wild life is common in Canberra? As I write cockatoos and gallahs are screeching from the power lines as there are many birds in Canberra. The Parrots and Lorikeets would have to be my favourites although the Fairy wrens always delight me when ever I see them in the yard. 

Visitors always disbelieve me when I say down the end of the street we have Kangaroos but you see there is a reserve at the end of our road and the Canberra Roo population is at times is a problem, although this story is unusual.  

Visitors are also drawn to other national icons such the Great Barrier Reef or in the heart of the continent, Ayers Rock which is actually known as Uluru, and then of course there is the extremely beautiful Kakadu National Park. Places such as the Sydney Opera House are big attractions. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another national icon which has an interesting history.

Last night many people went to  the Australia day awards or this event held every year on the Lawns of parliament house . I am sure we are the only country to party in front of parliament.

Well that’s enough of things Aussie. I am now going to take the day off and probably stitch! To all the Aussies out have a good Australia Day Holiday and keep safe. 


  1. The Kangaroo story did me in too Leeann

    Faith they are building a suburb where the forest was. So sadly the developers got hold of it. Possums are about twice the size of squirrels.

    Kathleen yes the possums are pests in New Zealand because they are an introduced species

    Sharon B
  2. Are these the same animal that are causing so much havoc in New Zealand? I understand that it's to the point there, where they're not a native species and they're destroying native habitats, that they hunt them and make yarn with the fur. Nice yarn… I've felt some.
    They must have natural predators in Australia to keep the population down.

  3. There's the Open too, and someday I hope to visit for that. You people love a good flyover. When our jets (US) flyover it is just one pass. I guess you figure that if you're going to bring the planes you should Bring It! πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Australia Day to you! It sounds like you don't make quite the fuss we do on the 4th of July.

    I was wondering if they are replanting the forest that was burned. Is that the same area where the kangaroos are?

    It sounds to me that your possums are rather like the squirrels here, although they are a bit bigger. It's the roof running that I think is the same. [At first I thought you meant opossum (cause many people call it a 'possum), but they are quite different. We had an opossum in our yard when we lived in Virginia. It rather reminded me of a gray Mickey Mouse.] The squirrels run over the trees, fences and houses here and, like your possums, it's bad news if they get into the roof or attic.

    The fairy wrens are lovely. We have wrens, but I don't think any have blue feathers anywhere. The ones I see have soft red throats. The only really bright birds that I've seen are the Western Blue Jays.

    My dream has long been to live May through October here and then November through April in Australia. My basic reasoning is that I would be following the sunlight/long days, but also Australia sounds like such a lovely place. He he, I see a Portland in the SW of NSW. I could go from Portland to Portland.

    Hope you day is lovely.

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