Off on an adventure

Off on an adventure

I have my bags packed to the weight limit containing quilts, demonstrations samples, sewing equipment, crazy quilting doo dads and clothes (must not forget clothes).

I have my passport, visa, flight tickets and some US dollars in my hand bag and am now wandering around the house giving it a bit of clean and singing at the top of my lungs “There are no cats in America and the streets are lined with cheese”

Yes! This time tomorrow I will be seated on a plane taking the long trip between Australia and America. I am off to teach at An Adventure in Crazy quilting. I am so looking forward to putting faces to names of people I have been in contact with in some cases for years! It will be so much fun.

What happens to blog while I am away? During that time, I will of course share news of my trip but I have also pre-written many posts so there will be something here daily. If you swing by here over morning coffee dont worry there will be stuff here for you including a new series of free hand embroidery patterns. The first was published last Friday
So do keep swinging by to keep up to date with travel adventures, free patterns, links to resources discovered online and of course crazy quilt details and my needlework sampler. 

In the meanwhile back to my singing and house cleaning needed before I leave.  


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