Sumptuous Surfaces class is nearly full.

Sumptuous Surfaces class is nearly full.

At the current rate of sales this class will be full within the next 48-72 hours. If you are thinking of taking this online class time is running out as I will close it off soon as I do limit class numbers. 

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery starts on July 27th and for 6 weeks this online class explores the wonders of highly textured free form contemporary hand embroidery while also developing your design skills.

If you want more information or to buy the class visit the class description page. 

image of hand embroidery

If you are interested in this class in the future please contact me as I limit the number of student in a class and keep a waiting list. You may want to join my announcement only newsletter  Sharon B’s Stitching News is used to let people know about challenges, community events, classes and really, really good stuff! 

Once you receive notification that the class is available to secure a place in the class simply buy it and just before the start date you will receive an invitation to class group and instructions on where you can down load the first lesson.

A notice to students

For anyone who has taken one of my classes please feel free to leave a comment so that people who are thinking of taking a class can read what you thought of them.


  1. Just do the course
    I chose to do it one wet,miserable cold,dark day in winter and did not regret it for one minute.
    It refreshed my mind and my embroidery and renewed my enjoyment of a 50 year hobby- i.e. don't be put off because you are not in the first flush of youth. Superb

    Catherine Spalding

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