How to make Beaded Spiders

How to make Beaded Spiders

Spiders on crazy quilts traditionally mean good luck. I was poking about the net and found some instructions on how to make wired spiders that look like they would sit in the top corner of a crazy quilt and be right at home. 

I discovered this great tutorial written by Shawkl which uses 2 beads for the body and has the legs emerging from the middle.

This video demonstrates how to make a beaded spider using wire, glass seed beads, bugle beads and one large bead.  Thanks goes to Kay Shaltha Whitlow who filmed and demonstrated the technique.

Also there is a full round up of tutorials online on how to make wire and bead spiders presented in the Beading Gems Journal 

These are a great way to use up larger beads that are odd which I seam to accumilate. If there are two often I can use them in ear rings but a large single bead can pose a challenge. 


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