I have been nominated!

golden quilter awardsSomeone, I dont know who, put my name forward for nomination in the 2012 Golden Quilter Awards as best teacher!

This has really made my day. I am walking around with a big silly grin on my face.
I am more than stunned and who ever nominated me a big thankyou!

Details about the award, the sections and the voting is on the Sew Cal Gal website

If anyone feels like voting for me please do!

To be honest (no matter who wins) I think the quilting industry needs to find ways of recognising the people who are keeping these traditions alive and taking the traditions into the 21st century.

On that note  Allison Aller has been nominated in the designer section so I will be voting for her as I would love to see someone who does crazy quilting win.

If you are a blogger spread the news. On a discussion list? Please tell people about the awards. If you are in any of the yahoo quilting groups please mention it? Facebook it and let people know! Support our designers, authors, retailers and teachers as without them we would not have such a vibrant and strong community. We need a strong community today if we want our great, great grandchildren to love the feel of a quilt on their skin.

No matter who wins it’s great to be nominated. So who ever is responsible for my nomination thanks!

Where do you go to vote? Here!

Skips away in an excited manner …

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