Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 13

Last week I asked if people needed a catchup week. The votes to take a week off, far outweighed those against so it is officially a catch up week but for those who are going through withdrawal symptoms I have a mini challenge !

The mini challenge for stitchers who cant stop……

You have 2 options you can choose to do one, or both it’s up to you.

Mini challenge 1

Take 3 -6 of the stitches we have have done so far and create an interesting visual piece that will encourage  new hands or busy hands to learn and to “catch up”. In other words create some eye candy for those who are falling behind, either because of busy lives or because they are new hands.

Mini challenge 2

Share a tip on how you manage your stitching time. How do you juggle family, work and stitching? Are you organised about your time and workspace? Do you plan and schedule in your stitching time into a busy day? That is a topic people love! Either blog about it or leave a forum post on stitching fingers.

When done leave a comment

For those both catching up and those taking the min challenge swing by here and leave a link in the comments so peopel can visit your site.

Someone suggested a catchup week every six weeks but I think this might mean people lose momentum. It is a fine balance because if people who are new to embroidery feel overwhelmed they drop the activity all together. More experienced stitchers know they can pick it up again but people who are new have not developed their own stitching processes, routines and habits. The challenge is for all levels but much of my online activity is about promoting embroidery. So what I will be doing throughout the year is keeping track of the mood of the challenge and adapting accordingly.

Also there will be 52 stitches so if we have a catchup week the challenge will just over run so folks wont be missing out.

Heads up! Other news I am moving this blog
Also I have some news I am in the  process of moving the blog. I have been with squarespace for 3 years now but have decided that a self hosted wordpress blog will be better even though it will cost me more. There are nearly 4,000 post on this blog and associated images. I have been working on moving it for a month and I will move the blog soon – if all goes well this week. The address will still be pintangle.com so hopefully it should not cause too much disruption.

I am just giving everyone the heads up so if you notice anything strange it’s just me heaving, pushing and kicking things into shape as change things about. If the move happens to fall on April 1 it’s not a joke just bad timing and if I skip the odd post I am just busy tinkering…


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