TAST week 14 Highlights

satin stitch sample Once again it’s Monday morning and time for a round up of the TAST (Take a stitch Tuesday) highlights. It’s been a very busy weekend with both Father and Daughter performing. I spent most of my time at the national Folk Festival but I did manage to take some quiet time and browse the Satin stitch samples worked  this week.

Every  week choosing what to feature is hard.  To be honest I thought it would be easy to keep the features this week, to 5 (I try to feature 5 but fail hopelessly).  Do make sure you visit the comments section on week 14 and take a look at the links people have left. If you visit the sites you will see why I ran over the number!

This made me really smile Over on Urist McDorf a very interesting journal project has started and this “April Fool” has “awesome thunder thighs” worked in Satin Stitch. Visit the site as stitches from weeks 2-14 are represented.

Satin stitch sampler

Elizabeth Braun  over on Sew in Love has featured a number of pieces she has used satin stitch in. This section of foliage caught my eye. Do pop over and visit as  there area number of pieces she has highlighted.

satin stitch sample

I enjoyed this freeform satin stitch sample of a sunset by MariaInez L.ribeiro dos Santos.

satin stitch sample

Over on Brodibiouillages et Compagnie a collage of samples has been worked. Visit to see details close up. (Use Google translate if like need help)

Satin stitch hand embroidery sample

Yarn Goddess on Sooner or Later has added satin stitch to her contemporary sampler. Visit her site to see the sampler in full.

Satin stitch hand embroidery sample

Chrisitina has produced the opposite working Satin stitch on the diagonal with a fine line of the background fabric being left void to enhance the pattern.

Satin stitch hand embroidery sample

These simple geometric flowers worked by Debbie on Jerusalem Notes delighted me

Satin stitch hand embroidery sample

Also over on Ty.Jecyka this castle is part of a much larger story being illustrated. (Use Google translate if like me you dont speak French)

I really must stop now – enjoy browsing the sites and swing back tomorrow for Week 15!

Further information

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category


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