Waving at the start of a new week and of course since it is Monday it is time for a round up of the TAST (Take a stitch Tuesday) highlights.

First of all of course in my “featured” article this week, I want  to say thanks to Annet  as the TAST logo stitched by Annet on Fat Quarter is an example of stem stitch.

Every  week choosing what to feature is hard as the examples are so good. So make a cuppa and I will share with you some of the samples that caught my eye.   Do make sure you visit the comments section on week 15  and take a look at the links people have left because there is a plenty of more good stuff to see. Although I try and keep the featured sites to 5 in total if you visit the sites you will see why I ran over the number, every week!

stem stitch sample

Luiz Vaz who is active on Stitchin fingers but has a new blog Embroiderland worked this sample (It’s worth adding this blog to your RSS feed as Luiz does some great work.)

stem stitch sample Severine Allais stitched an image on a postcard.

stem stitch sample

Raphaela on Textile Explorations worked this lovely composed work that incorporated buttons!

stem stitch sample

Over on Claudias blog you will find another scene worked in stem stitch.

stem stitch sample

Anneliese worked her sample of stem stitch on a piece of hand printed fabric.

stem stitch sample

Jane Lyttle on Stitchin fingers worked this sample on a crazy quilt block and added a bright pink bird!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these few samples dont forget to check out the comments on TAST week 15, follow the links and see what else people have been doing


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