Do you keep a notes as you work?

notebook cover
Do you takes notes as you work? Many stitchers do and these are notebooks that feature my work on the cover.

There are a number of journals available in my  Pintangle cafe press store  The journals are  Wire-O bound, 160 page note books  that are  5″ x 8″. The paper is a of good weight 60lb book weight (24 lb bond) paper, with a  back of black flexible plastic and the front laminated for durability.

For stitchers the interesting aspect of these notebooks is that you also have a choice of page paper designs. You can order journals that has paper which is either  blank, dot grid, lined, or a task journal.

You can see the options here. I particularly like the task sheets as the journal could become a stitchers notebook very easily.

In fact it was the task sheet option that made me re-think this product.

The task sheets look like they have place not only to set goals but you can use them to sketch out and note down little stitch diagrams as well have other plane areas for little sketches. The areas are only small since the notebooks are  5″ x 8″.

Or you could just keep it as a record of what you had done. The grey areas of the task list page you could attach a little fabric swatch. The dot grid next to it you could notate what you had done on it. So if you are a crazy quilter you could note what threads etc or the design you used etc

The task page option would also work very well for dyers, using grey areas for fabric swatches and the rest of the page being for notes. The page is small so you would only have little swatches but it means a compact notebook rather than a big bulky file.

notebook page options

The other option that looked really great for crazy quilters and hand embroiderers is to choose the dot grid pages. I can see how this grid would be great to draw out little designs for seam decorations and patterns to use on crazy quilt blocks.

Of course you can choose a regular lined notebook or blank pages for a studio journal too.

The small 5″ x 8″ notebook size however has an upside as they can be easily tucked into a hand bag for everyday notes or your stitching bag for stitching notes.

So here is a link to my new Pin Tangle cafepress store! Pop over and have a browse.


  1. I have the cover of the one you are showing with the dot markings inside. I use it all the time and it can be tucked into my bag so I have it where ever I go. Mine is full of seam treatments and motifs I will be using on my crazy quilts. Thank you for such a great product.


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