Too many flat surfaces

I have discovered that our house has a lot of flat surfaces and they seem to attract things. Actually to be more precise they attract books and as any curious reader knows that once you look up one book it often leads to another question that is answered in another book and when you look that up well the situation gets worse. If you dont reshelve the books (because you are still dipping in to them) then the situation gets quite out of hand very quickly.

stack of books 1I was prompted to round up and put away some of the travel related books I have been reading/dipping into lately. They have been scattered all over the house because we have been planing another trip.

I spent some time collecting up the most obvious culprits and this was the first stack set on the table ready to be shelved. Then I remembered the books in the lounge beside my chair and another stack on the lounge.

stack of books 2

Then there were the stacks beside Jerry’s chair , and then we both are guilty of having stacks of books beside our bed . Make a note I confessed to beside. That is because we can not fit any more books, actually on the surface of the bedside tables. We both have this ‘too many books to be read beside the bed’  bad habit. We both don’t mention it until one pile falls down. Since the last time this happened the slide just missed my glasses I felt I had to take the situation a little more seriously.

stack of books 3I am blaming the flat surfaces I have … yes that is my excuse as I have other things to think about. What you might ask? Well… like booking flights, organising places to stay, trying to make sense of train timetables, maps with strange names on them because they are in a foreign language and remembering all the little tasks associated with organising a trip that will take us away from home for 2 months.  Yes I said 2 months as Jerry is taking some of his long service leave.  We are going to do a bit of traveling in September, October and returning home in November while our lovely daughter house sits.

Now if you are doing TAST dont panic as one of those things on my to do list is to pre-write a good number of posts for this blog including the challenge so no one will miss out.   Although I may declare a week or so of that period a ‘break’ week. Many people are playing catchup and feel guilty so I am sure if there is an easing of the pace people will not mind.

Dear readers for a bit of fun, judging by our latest reading habits where do you think we are going?


    1. wow off to some of my favorite places, daughter in London and I visited “William Morris House” in Walthamstow – London. If you can go to Muse de Orsay in Paris it’s wonderful, saw many Monet paintings there. Have a great holiday, tell us all about your travels on your return. Nanaonthefarm.

  1. Looks like you are going to Paris for sure! How great is that!! You certainly have worked hard! A trip to Monets home, Giverny is my dream. Have a lovely time and forget everything and just enjoy…

  2. I solved my “flat surface” book problem in two ways.

    1. Any book that I will be unlikely to read again–even if I loved it–finds a new home with relatives, friends or the library book sale.

    2. I bought two new large bookcases. Since I only had enough books to fill one of them, I have overflow space. The overflow is for all the rotating books that are waiting to be read and those waiting for new homes.

    These two strategies have REALLY helped!

    1. Margo we have floor to ceiling bookcases and all these got shelved I am afraid loved books stay in my home so I can pull them from a shelf and tell some poor unsuspecting person they simply must read it! And some books are too well loved to ever leave the house again. That said we do cull the library a little bit each year as we have between 3000 and 4000 books.

  3. I hope you have a chance to visit St. Chappelle. The glass is breathtaking. It inspired my first art quilt in 2005. On our trip to Athens a couple years ago we had a layover in Paris and St Chappelle was our one side trip. Well worth the return visit. Leave your embroidery scissors in the hotel before you go.

    Jayna aka Art and Light
  4. Looks like my favourite City in the World is on your list – I shall be there next April ……….. can you wait!!!!

    Hope you will be reporting back to us – I can never get enough of that City.

  5. I guess you are going to Paris and London. I saw a couple of Art Nouveau books, if you do like Art Nouveau you should come in Nancy, this is the place where it began in France, it is called ‘Ecole de Nancy’.

  6. It looks like you’re heading Europe way from the books ….. if you get the chance, come visit us in Moldova! We’re a small country, but it’s got a lot of needlework and a lot of other things to explore, including drive in wine cellars.


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