Last day to place orders for my stencils

Sharon B's CQ Stencils thumbThis is a quick reminder to let people that I will be closing my online “shop” (for my stencils) tomorrow.

As I explained on Friday I will be going away on holiday until early November. If you are unsure of what I am rabbiting on about see this my post about a trip of a lifetime.

I need a few days before I leave to attend to travel details, prewrite this blog, complete a website build I have been doing (it’s nearly done – just a bit of training, domain transfer etc to do) , and I need to prepare for my daughter’s arrival (read get all of my junk off her bed) as she will look after our home while we are away.

I will not be taking any more orders as of tomorrow. If you want some stencils place an order now as I can not supply them while gadding about the globe.


    1. Arlene I am more than happy to send it to you and have tried to when you ordered them but you have to give me an email address that works not a fake or old email address as when I write to now I get a “Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable” message

    1. Sorry they have not arrived yet. Your stencils were posted the day after you ordered them on the 14th and Australia post says 10-14 days so if they dont turn up in the next few days email me and I will post a second set. Contact me via email to set things right if they dont show. They were posted to your paypal address


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