Chained Cross Stitch tutorial

Chained cross stitch which makes good heavy border or braid like line. The key difference with this variation of cross stitch is that each stitch must be completed before moving on to the next.

In some ways it is similar to woven cross stitch. It is possible to alternate the two stitches and create different patterns by doing so. This stitch also sits well as a neat edging on things like needle books.

Chained Cross stitch step 1Bring the working thread to the front of the fabric and work a diagonal stitch as you would with basic cross stitch. I have worked from bottom left to top right.

Now work a chain stitch diagonally across the first stitch to form a cross.
Chained Cross stitch step 2
To do this bring the needle up through the fabric at the top left of the stitch as illustrated. Hold the thread with the left thumb. Insert the needle back into where it first came out. Take the needle through the fabric bringing the point of the needle out at the bottom left of the fabric.
With the thread wrapped under the needle point pull the needle through the fabric.
Chained Cross stitch step 3
Insert the needle back into the fabric at the top right an make a diagonal stitch
Chained Cross stitch step 4
Work another chain stitch and continue in this way along the line or over the area to be covered.

Chained Cross stitch step 5


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