Best Wishes for the Holiday Season

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season

Pintangle Xmas card 2013I am wanting to wish all my readers an absolutely wonderful holiday period. (Do you like the Christmas card I made in Photoshop?)

Make a cuppa as I am in a chatty mood! I have a hunch that in years to come I will look back on 2013 as one of those years where huge changes took place. One huge achievement is that I proto typed, manufactured and got to market my CQ Stencils which were very well received. In fact I have been running never since!  As experiences go, producing these stencils was fun and this is not just marketing speak. It was a huge thrill to design something  and then see it become a physical object by taking the huge jump of getting them manufactured. This was a huge step for me and I am sure many readers will understand that when I paid for them to be created I was fearful I was being a silly middle aged woman. But I want to say risk taking aside, there is something about making an object real that is hugely satisfying.  Basically, I thought them up and then got them made. Obviously in order to get them made I had to gamble a heap of dollars so I was relieved when the scheme worked, but to be honest it was not making money that attracted me but seeing something that did not exist before, be manufactured and then sold that was a thrill. I hope readers can understand that.

The other major event for Jerry and I was a 2 month trip we took to France and the UK with stop overs in Korea and Japan. We have of course shared our experiences and thoughts on travel over on Tones and Tints but this block of time gave me a period in which to assess what I wanted to do and I decided I wanted more time for making things come into existence. Now I know I make quilts and the like, but the making I am talking about is of different things such as the CQ stencils. One of the things I want to ‘make’ is a book on Crazy quilting which I plan to do next year but in order to achieve that I have to let something else go.

Online Classes 

As I have said before the online classes are very successful but I often feel totally swamped by teaching them. I do pay attention each of my students and since the the classes are always fully booked they have take a huge chuck of my time. It is wonderful to be successful and teaching online has added much to my life but on the other hand it often prevents me from doing other things.

Next year is the LAST year I will teach online. All my classes will run one more time, in order to let folks take them. Towards the end of next year I hope to be ready to  launch a book on Crazy quilting. This is something I have wanted to do for years but teaching online has kept me from achieving it. This change has been a huge decision in my life.

I have the Calendar of classes for next year. This is the last time these will run.

All are available to purchase now. This is the last time these classes will run. As usual I will close them off when they are full. Follow the links for details about each class.

To find out how online classes are run visit the classes page

Encrusted Crazy quilting
Starts March 5th 2014

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery
Starts May 7th 2014

Artists Studio Journal: A Designers workhorse
Starts July 23 2014

I have decided not to run the GIMP for Textile Designers again.As a graphics program the software is always being updated it means my teaching material is constantly having to be updated! I have decided not to re-write the course materials and not run the class at all.

What will happen on Pintangle?

I plan to still write Pintangle. January will be the 10 year anniversary. Doing something for decade can mean it becomes stale so I must admit to considering retiring the site but I think I would miss it so after the christmas break I will be back to reshape the site.

I want to stress this is not the end of Pintangle but a reshaping of the site. Recently I created a tutorial tab and a Free hand embroidery patterns tab indexed what was here on Pintangle and it was received well. Since there is a heap of other resources buried in the archives  I plan to organise and index other resources, remove dead links and old posts of out of date information etc and make the place a lot more user-friendly. At the moment if you have read the site for a while you have an idea of what is here, and where to find it, but anyone coming new to the place simply does not know.

Don’t expect a totally new site over night as this spring clean will take time probably I will be tinkering most of the year! I plan to write fresh material a few times a week but not daily as I would prefer to have fewer good posts with content than daily flimsy material. That level of activity is still very active in the blogsphere. In fact it may become more of what it once was in terms of pointing to interesting sites as I think it has become a little too narrow in topic. The focus will still be textiles but a little broader than hand embroidery and crazy quilting.

If you want to keep in the loop easily Subscribe to Pin Tangle by Email and have it delivered to your In Box. Follow the link to sign up.


Readers have asked what I will be doing for TAST next year. I plan to add stitches but not as often. It will be more like monthly than weekly. To be honest I don’t want to promise too much in a stage of transition. When I see what my workload looks like, I will be able to give people a definite promise to add to TAST but until I see what my new work pattern is I can be sure.  All the TAST stitches will remain online, so people will have easy access to them.

Community involvement

I like to be involved at some level in the community. This year I redesigned the Embroiderers’ Guild ACT website and have volunteered my skills next year to help build the Guild’s web presence here in Canberra.

I am also acting part of the moderator team for Crazy Quilting International which is an online group for people interested in Crazy quilting. If you are a crazy quilter and join the group you will see me chattering there too.

Tones and Tints my second blog 

There are a few shifts in my creative interests and over on Tones and Tints I share my progress as I return to doing more drawing.

To summarise – In the new year. I will run my online classes once more and that will be the last time they are available.

Pintangle will still be active, and a spring clean will go on, but you can also  keep in the loop easily by  Subscribing to Pin Tangle. Follow the link to sign up and it will delivered to your inbox.

On Tones and Tints I will be sharing other creative endeavours which include drawing

Wish me luck as I write a book on Crazy quilting and I still have a few more surprises up my sleeve.

Expect to see me back in the second or third week of January after our Aussie summer holidays. To all my readers have a happy safe holiday and roll on the new year as I am ready to give it  shake!



  1. Love your card. I have enjoyed classes with you..learnt much…look forward to seeing your book later next year?
    Good luck with all this will involve wishes to you and yours for 2014. Kiwi Jan …Jan Cotton NZ

    Jan Cotton
  2. Great card! Thank you Sharon – for your wishes and for your hard work through the year. I know how much of yourself you put into this and I admire you greatly for it, not to mention take advantage of the information you put out there for us all.

    To you, Jerry and Eve, I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New year and hope all your desires are fulfilled.

  3. A belated Happy Christmas to you and your family too Sharon. It looks like a wonderful New Year and exciting 2014. You have given so much to so many people and now it is time for you. Big changes happen to many people throughout their lives and I am sure these changes for you will bring an even greater sense of achievement.

    Good luck with your plans for the future. I look forward to continuing to follow you. Thank you for what I have gained from you over the time I have been involved.

    Roll on 2014

  4. Hi Sharon
    Happy Holidays to you as well love ur card, I am looking forward to your book yippee!!! Happy 10th anni as well, it feels like just yesterday. Your generosity astounds me and your knowledge helps me out frequently.
    I for one am looking forward to doing encrusted class this year and although sad that you won’t be doing them again realise that we all need changes at times or we get stale so happy times ahead for you may you have all the success you deserve
    Love n hugs ya bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

    Belinda Sweeney
  5. Happy Christmas Sharon.
    Thank you for your generosity and sharing through all your activities in 2013.
    I am looking forward to following you once again in 2014 and seeing your ‘transformations’. Great idea on the book also.

  6. Your festive card design is Great, Sharon.
    I’ve enjoyed the 10 years you have been teaching/enticing everyone around the world, to learn and enjoy so much about needlework. I know I have stepped outside my box with some of them and appreciate the time you take from your own life to do so.
    The stencils are so handy and easy to use. Tast has been a winner. This year I didn’t do any stitches but saved each posting to catch up.

    I wish you all the best for your own endeavours this year.
    The CQ book will be a sure-fire winner.

  7. Sharon, thank you for all your inspiring and educational posts. I’ve enjoyed each one since I discovered you earlier in 2013. I’m so glad I’m able to take one of your last classes. I do extensive sashiko embroidery but am a total newbie to other kinds of embroidery. I know my learning process is in good hands!

    A most joyous holiday season to you and yours!

  8. Merry Christmas to you and all your followers. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have learned so many things from Pintangle and enjoy each of the articles. Once again, thank you for all your hard work.

    Frankie Lynch
  9. Happy Holiday’s to you. Your card is wonderful. All the best in this coming year and may all your new endeavors be as great as your past ones have been. Your creativity touches and inspires. Thank you

    Faye Post
  10. Sharon, you are so talented and the joy of learning and doing flows from you. Good luck on all of your endeavors in 2014 and I love learning from you. Love the stencils as they have added a new twist to my crazy quilting
    Your Christmas Card is great Love it.

    Sylvia Schadler
  11. Sharon, thank you for your holiday greetings and for all your work on this wonderful Pintangle site. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and I hope next year brings you all you wish for yourself. Kate

    Kate Cooke
  12. Sharon, you are so talented in so many fields and I encourage you to go on exploring new horizons.
    TAST, WIPW, the online courses and all tutorials on Pintangle have given me, and others, so much. The stencils were a great success and I am sure the book will be a best seller, too.
    TAST and WIPW have meant a lot to me. I have not only learned many new things, but I have got a weekly discipline that I like. I will therefore continue to blog about my weekly progress and stitch explorations.
    Thank you for all you have done for encouraging fabric art and good luck with your future plans.
    Have a wonderful and restful holiday.

  13. Sounds like you plan to be happily busy with plenty of challenges in the works. I haven’t read your travels notes as you posted them – will take a few days of the holiday and follow in your footsteps. Thanks, I’m looking forward to 2014, too. Onward!

  14. Yes I do love the Christmas card you made in Photoshop!

    Very excited for the changes you’ll be making in the coming year. It’s been such a great ten years…I’ve been with you for most of them so I know! The future will only be better!

    Happy New Year, Sharon…xoxox

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