Great to be back!

Great to be back!

Freeform Contemporary EmbroideryHi everyone here I sit in what I call my spinning chair, because it is on wheels and spins around – and like a big kid I am spinning waving in all 4 directions of the globe. I don’t want to miss anyone. I have a big silly grin on my face and am back refreshed and ready for a new year.

I have to admit I was anticipating being back earlier but Australia has been melting under a heat wave and I had a week or so without my computer! Oh I was pathetic – you should have seen me, even my spinning chair did not amuse …

This blog had a 10 year anniversary on the 9th of January. That has to be something to be proud of or so they tell me…  In the blogosphere there is a tradition to link to the first post on an anniversary. Well here is my first post 10 years ago. As you can see I started with a question. Gosh blogs and blogsphere have changed in that time but it has been a great decade.

What is on the agenda this year? Well, I am heading into a productive year as I am going to be writing a book on Crazy Quilting so posting here may be a little erratic at times but I hope not. That said I am not going to beat myself up if I miss a post or two either.

Freeform EmbroideryTAST

I have been thinking long and hard about Take a Stitch Tuesday and although I can’t promise to add stitches weekly I hope to add more of the beaded stitches for the simple reason beaded embroidery is wonderful technique to explore. Tomorrow I have a treat in store.

I don’t want to promise too much as I am in a phase of transition but I also want to share the silk ribbon stitches too as I know many people want to learn this type of embroidery.

That said, over the holidays I was playing around with the freeform embroidery (above and if you click on the image to the left you can see a larger view) and it is so much fun – really it is, and at the moment I can’t keep my hands off it.

Anyway back to stitching and stitches, as I know that is what readers want I have decided to see how my work load pans out and add as many as I can. It won’t be every week but I will do my best.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the TAST updates Subscribe to Pin Tangle by Email and have it delivered to your In Box. Follow the link to sign up. You do not have to work the stitches or do the challenge to take advantage of this.

What do you want to see happen with Work in Progress Wednesdays? 

I have had readers ask what will happen with Work in Progress Wednesdays. What do people want? I can open a post so people can leave updates of what they have done on their latest project. It is easy to do and when I have something to share I can share.

We can open it up to any stitching people would like to share with others -such as starting a project,  stash busting,  finishing a project or experimenting.

Yet another suggestion was that I set up a Facebook group where people can share what they are stitching. I am not sure about this idea. Facebook groups are easy to run,  but you do have to be a member of Facebook to join in.

Let me know. Leave a comment below.  I think a change might be fun and mean that more folks join in. If you think it is a good idea spread the word because if I get lots of responses I will do it.

CQ Stencils

Last year huge changes took place as I proto typed, manufactured and got to market my CQ Stencils which was a huge thrill. This year I have another set in the pipeline.

In order to set these changes in place, I have to let go of something, and as announced before Christmas I have decided to stop teaching online. I will run the courses one more time then with more blocks of time to myself I hope to achieve some of the other goals in my life.

All classes are available to purchase now. This is the last time these classes will run.  Follow the links for details about each class.

To find out how online classes are run visit the classes page

Encrusted Crazy quilting
Starts March 5th 2014 (I will close this one off soon as it is almost full)

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery
Starts May 7th 2014

Artists Studio Journal: A Designers workhorse
Starts July 23 2014

Anyway see you tomorrow, as I have a TAST stitch in the pipe line – great to be back!

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  1. Hi Sharon,so glad you are back!You are the inspiration of my life!Congratulations on reaching 10 years of your wonderful blog,and long may you run!Thankyou,thankyou thankyou!Annie!

  2. I must add my congratulations on being able to maintain such interesting, informative and plain helpful Blog. I think I told you once that I was following your friend, Annie Whitsed’s blog and she kept talking about your embroidery in glowing terms. So I was hooked. I have pointed out your site to many people who are learning embroidery. Many thanks for your continuing help when I have a question I am sure to find the answer on your site.

    Lesley Olivieri
  3. I can’t believe it has been 10 years, but of course it has as you started your blog not long after we left Canberra and I remember being so happy about it. I had been missing my friends in Canberra rather badly at the time and your blog brought you right in here.

    I have set up a couple of blogs over the years but never gone anywhere with them, but perhaps it should be my NYR to get into blogging seriously.

    On the subject of a FB group – I am with, seemingly, the majority and would prefer not to be involved with it, although I do have a page. It is never used for social chit-chat, I have no friends and only use it to follow a group I belong to.

    Apart from that I have no real preferences for what you give us. I do like TAST and WIPW although I confess I never actually participate. Seeing how you make stitches and how you apply them is the most interesting thing to me.

    Finally, welcome back. It is so good to see things returning to normal after the Christmas hoohah. I’d like to think the heat is over too but I think there’s more, lot’s more, to come….

  4. Sharon I am glad to have you and Pintangle back. I found your blog about 2 years ago, and it has really opened my eyes to what can be accomplished, as an artist. I always thought of myself more in the “home made” admiring artistic work, online blogs and people who sell what they make. You have been an inspiration as I have begun to figure out the direction I want to go with my creations. I am just getting used to leaving comments and am looking forward to more-maybe a blog or webpage of my own. I enjoy work in progress Wed. and am hoping to have it available-or something similar to start sharing what I am creating too. Also-Sharon you are so

    Michelle L. Johnson
  5. Welcome back Sharon – I have been enjoying your TAST series – don’t always have time to contribute but always read and take note of each stitch. And will add to previous comments my thanks for all the time and effort your put into your blog – it’s very much appreciated!

  6. I do enjoy your blog.
    I hope that WIP continues, it has been an incentive to get something done – almost every week. I need something to push me along and I enjoy seeing other’s progress.

    Marci Hainkel
  7. It is so nice to see you back to blogging! I really missed the Take a stitch Tuesday and the Work in progress Wednesday. I am eager to get at the new stitch you have up this week! Congrats on 10 years of blogging! Wow!

  8. Sharon – Congratulations on your 10th anniversary – how many blogs is that I wonder!? I must have joined about 2 years ago and have enjoyed – and have learnt from – every single TAST. Am delighted you are going on. I, too, enjoy seeing what other stitchers do and have found really interesting blogs. although don’t show myself. Am toying with the idea of starting a blog – Caput Canis. (Dog’s head, in Welsh!) There is a stone dogs head in the street outside our house gushing water constantly. Must get organised.

    Andy LW
    1. Hi Andy thanks for the comment I encourage anyone thinking of starting a blog to do so as the experience has changed my life. Some think it is egotistical but the genre is such that only those who want to read you do make time to visit or subscribe. Let me know if start one as I would like to keep in touch and subscribe.

      As to the number of blog posts I have just looked there are 4,392 and 26,637 comments!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Happy 10 years of blogging. I missed you here!
    you are the main inspiration of my embroidery journey. I found you 2006, and have been following you ever since. By sharing your embroidery activities on your blog, you taught me to focus, plan, organize and work on my projects and samplers. A big THANK YOU for that.
    Regarding TAST- I am a beginner to the world of embellishments and ribbon work. so, hoping with your able guidance, I can learn new things. eagerly looking forward to the TAST stitches.
    WIPW- I have to join this club this year.
    Thank you,

  10. Hi Sharon – I have not posted before but I want to say thank you for all your inspiration. I have been using your stitch diary for years and years and it has come to my rescue when I’ve been away from books and only had a computer as a source. All the best for your new direction. May you find new fulfilment and fruitfulness. Kit

    Kit Watts
  11. It is good to see you ‘back in the saddle’ again, Sharon. What an exciting year of changes this promises to be! I personally feel the linky idea for WIP Wednesday is better than a Flickr group, as Flickr is owned by Yahoo (and we all know the issues there).

    Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this lovely stitching community that you’ve built. You have been an excellent mentor, teacher and friend, Hugs, Cathy

  12. Good to see you again! Your freeform embroidery immediately caught my eye, I can imagine you cannot keep your hands of it.

    Work In Progress Wednesday is still helping me to finish projects. I’m currently working on a fabric book and I have 2 more to finish. And of course there are enough projects hidden in my cupboard that needs finishing too.

    I’m looking forward to the new TAST stitch tomorrow!

  13. Sharon, you scared me! I forgot you took some time off. I even checked to be sure I was still on the subscription list yesterday. I am soooooo glad you are back! Obviously, I really missed you! Since I only found you last year and took a class from you, I still want to congratulate you on 10 years! What an achievement! The truth is I hate that I just found you last year and missed all those years. Anyway, forward….. I am going on a trip to northern Norway, leaving 3-01-14 just to chase the Northern Lights! The buddy I am taking with me is a serious spinner, weaver, etc. We are both extremely excited to get to see all the fabrics, yarn, techniques of embroidery, or anything else to do with fiber art while there. We will be in London a few days, as well as Sweden and Finland. Any suggestions on where to find great and unusual fabrics, thread, yarn, etc? I sincerely appreciate any suggestions. Again, I am so glad you are back!


    Sandy Smith
    1. Hi Sandy I am so pleased you have enjoyed reading the blog and “hate missing all those years”
      For Buttons – don’t miss the button Queen they have a web site
      For fabrics I visited Liberty’s and then went on the John Lewis but to be honest I have lots of fabrics so was not serious about shopping for it.

  14. Sharon, welcome back from us on the US east coast and congratulations on your 10 years! Wow! This old lady has years to catch up on. I only did some cross stitch back in the 80’s and thought hand embroidery was too hard to learn. Thanks to the internet, now we can learn from a world away. Ditto everything Renee said. I have a few New Years promises to myself that pertain to quilting and hand stitching. I ordered your templates before you went on your ‘vacation of a life time’ and am raring to get things done for myself for a change. Thanks for sharing your expertise with the world. Gail from SC

  15. Did you see yesterday’s Knitting Daily on your local PBS channel? I was so excited bc, even though I don’t knit, I do however crochet… And the lady had a real brief segment on embroidering with yarn on knitted pieces.. I startedd spouting off the stitches before wehe lady had even spoke ably them.. I don’t thunk my husband new the exact extent of embroidery knowledge until then. They were just a few basic stitches though.. the chain, stem and bullion stitchs.. not too font of the old way of doing a chain stitch. If there’s an easier and faster way to do something, with the same outcome, why not do it the easier way? Some are just stuck in their habits.. and that’s okay. Thanks for the post today! Have a blessed week!

    Erin Brooke Mcdonald
  16. Please do WIPs and other activities on your own site. I am not a member of Facebook, and will not join–so I would lose out on any activity or posting you might move there. I would hate to miss out!

    Ruth M
  17. Hi! Long time no see! Good to have you back on-line and posting.=)

    My blog is now 7½ years old, I’ll celebrate my decade in June 2016, but I’ve long since deleted my first post when I had a moor weed out of off topic and boring posts about 5 years ago.

    I like your ideas for TAST style material as they include some of things that interest me.

    As far as Work in Progress Wednesdays go, yes, I like them and have been posting my own update posts for the last two weeks even though there was nothing here to link to. So I’d be pleased to see them continue and also to see what *you’re* working on. I’m sure many other readers agree when I say that I love to see what a blogger is producing right now as well as teaching and concept posts etc. A Facebook group wouldn’t work for me though, as I don’t (and Won’t) use Facebook. I may change my mind if I ever set up in business as it’ll be a must then, but I still intend not to have a personal page etc. Anyway, I’m ‘advertising’ your WIPW series in my Grow Your Blog Party post on Fri/Sat this week!!

    Have a great year!

  18. Welcome back, and Happy 10th Anniversary! I was introduced to pintangle almost 2 years ago – shortly after I began crazy quilting. Your blog has been such a wonderful resource and inspiration to myself and other novices I know.

    Although I have been too commitment shy to participate in TAST or WIP Wednesdays, I have enjoyed seeing the work others have shared and found some great blogs to follow through the links shared. (Perhaps this year I will finally jump in and join the fun.) I check in on Facebook almost daily, so I kind of like the idea of seeing WIP Wednesday projects shared there. However, I like being able to check out the blogs referred in the comments here, too.

    I look forward to seeing your book. I have no doubt it will be a treasure for anyone that enjoys crazy quilting or is interested in learning!

  19. Sharon I just want to say thanks!!!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas that prompt my old brain to think of new things. Your eye candy is mouth watering ……… please keep blogging. Have a fantastic 2014 and I will wait for your book to appear.

  20. So good to see you back. Happy anniversary for the 9th. Although I have not posted on the WIPW it is always something that I look forward to. I have met up with so many other stitchers through the Wednesday posts and have enjoyed watching yours and theirs adventures in stitching – I for one would be sad to see it go. But, life goes on and things do change, even if it is just morphing into a new way of doing them.

  21. Welcome back, you were missed, my inbox was so quiet over Christmas. Also Congratulations Sharon on your 10th Anniversary, what a fantastic achievement, I hope we can see you celebrating another 10 or more, maybe blogging may have changed again. Following you also on Facebook has been a great addition for you, reaching a younger audience too.
    You were responsible for getting me involved with Crazy Quilting back in 2007 when I was searching the internet for embroidery classes whilst I was in the UK, I came across Joggles and since then I have done all your classes and have followed you since. I have purchased your stencils and will the next set also, I just love them. Sad to see you finish up your classes, but I know they do take up a lot of time and effort to organise and run.
    I too, like you with our ‘creativity’ going a different direction. With the release of my Embroidery App last October and now reaching over 550 downloads since, I need to add to, improve and release an android version. Hard work learning all this coding stuff as well as the creative input.
    I eagerly await your year and look forward to seeing you grow more in different avenues.

  22. Congratulations! You have given so much stimulation with your great blog. I am looking forward to following your changes and the progress you make.
    As for TAST and WIPW. I really want the opportunity to learn new stitches so look forward to many TASTy Tuesdays. I am now in the habit of reporting my weekly progress every Wednesday on my blog and would appreciate if there is a place on Pintangle to link to.
    Have a great 2014 with lots of new tricks!

  23. I am so glad to see you back!!!! I can’t believe that I have been reading your blog for that long – it seems only such a short time that I discovered you – it was like someone had opened a portal to some exciting, unknown world which I stepped into. I remember blogging was only in its infancy then – so I felt very much the explorer charting new lands. Oh, how very far we have come!!! I have just found myself unemployed due to the store I work for closing and so I too am in a transitional state of sorts… I now have the opportunity to ponder – for a short time at least – to what direction I am headed… I stand in my splinter of a sewing room and look around at my collections (hoarding ;)) and think about all the bits I have accumulated over the years and silently declared – no more!!! And like your first blog entry 10 years ago I see a progression of where I was to where I am…
    I feel a bit Zen really – coming back to where I started and seeing it for the first time… I still love what I do for the most part but I also feel the winds of change and which way they will blow – time will only tell…
    Take care now
    Sharon – Melbourne

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